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Hi Puys,

I have been waitlisted for the PGP program for 2007.
Does neone have any idea about the number of waitlists/number of waitlisted cadidates eventually getting a call etc ??
Ne info in this regard will be highly appreciated

Can u plz tell me that IVRS no.?


26993017 is the number
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Dude can u tell me the number of the IIMB helpdesk

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Hi guys,
is there a seperate thread for ISB interview experiences for this year or do I have to sift thru this thread ??
Have my interviewon 6th Jan in Blore

Hi puys,
Has anyone tried the score calculator and the "list of insti's u should consder applying to" on the TIME website??

NoOne's posted his calls yet

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I am repeating this post after some 5 odd pages cos i think it is not possible for all to go thru all the pages... and i feel the following words are gonna be useful...

My predictions...
Marks Percentiles
100-------- 97
160+ ------99.9+
Reasons for me saying that 120 is good enuf for 99%ile ---
1# The high scores which we are seeing here are due to the fact that only a few (compared to 1.9 lakh) who are serious abt CAT belong to PG Forum. So u are getting only a part of the whole picture...that too a small and extremely bright part!

2# You have to take into account that lots of ppl who have scored less (say anywhere less than 90) would refrain from posting their scores here due to obvious psychological reasons. Naturally, they feel intimidated by the higher scores (100+) put up here!

a) I feel the cutoffs will be dynamic (say a range of 87-91%ile) this year and it wont be a rigid figure as say 91%ile or 89%ile...
b) There will be more ppl in the range 98-99%ile getting calls than ever before in the history of the CAT.
c) EU scores will be the decider.

I think Krisanu is Bang On on most things in this post. Especially when he says that more ppl in th 98-99 percentile range will get calls. This would ensure that ppl who done above average (but not exceptional) in all three sections get calls.
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17 in VA and 12 apiece in QA and DI
41 in all
Hoping CAT isnt as tough as this one..

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applied online and paid by credit card. no problems. use IE. firefox often has problems with online transactions.

I got a mail immediately from the admissions commitee with all my details, asking me to confirm its accuracy. had a slight problem, so got back to them and they replied in a day.


u got an email after u submitted the form, right??
I have almost finished my form but havent submitted it as yet.
CAT     Aimcat-703

Well the bubble had to burst for me ..
after 5 mocks with percentiles in the 98 -99's; this one was royally really screwed up.

DI 11.33
QA 9.67
VA 12.33

Total 33.33

There is something in VA this time. Horrendous accuracy

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How about
With or Without u (U2)
Other Side (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Unforgiven (Metallica)
Jesus to a child (George Michael)

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