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anyone goin from bangalore on 8th? is ther a separate thread or spreadsheet.

i am not interested in fee i need to still get any income certificate.?

after reject from iimb feels nice to have converted iim lucknow:grin:

For the IIML form there is a separate certificate.
I have the original certificate in the same format.Should i be getting someone to sign on the form they attached or would the original suffice?

attestation implies from a gazetted officer right?


lots of problem in SOP writing:
1. saw a sop (last year's)- had only 180 words. should it be short?
2. they dont like the entrepreneur approach of "why MBA?" any inputs plz
3. i left my job --in transition now--actually doing IAS do you see can i explain this situation?

they dont like the entrepreneur approach of "why MBA?" any inputs plz

how did u learn bout tis?
is it true can someone clarify...
Got my IIM L GD PI details in IIM L Site..
9th april 2.00 pm in some hotel in infantry road bangalore..
All OBC Candidates in bangalore got same venue and time?? someone from bangalore can confirm pls?

i too got the same venue same time..

wat criterion does iim indiore consider?

Urgent..Will the offer letter and first and last payslip suffice for work ex proof?

does resetting of page imply rejection?