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Out of context.

A big welcome to all the juniors!!! Welcome on Board.. :
It was fun for us to be called Juniors all the while till now!
Hope you guys have a great time at SDM-IMD, which i'm sure you will have with helping seniors like Vijet and Prashanth. No pun intended guys
Great job in PG both of you! Keep it going till college makes us busy..

SDM-IMD 2009-2011

harshpilania Says
also can neone update me abt parties ans stuff?r dere ne parties(hostel or out campus) to unwind ourselves? are d hostel rules strict?

Hostel does not impose any stringent rules. The onus is on us to maintain the decorum and sanctity of the Institution. :):)
Having said that the campus life will be a party life in itself. We celebrate every festival with great pomp and show. And every fest that we conduct in college will end with a scintillating DJ night! You will experience the first one for the fresher's day. And then many will follow suit!

Great place to live for 2 years. Unlimited movies, great campus, amazing aura, late night presentations, late campus walks!
Over all a truly amazing experience!

Welcome to the family! :

PDGM 2009-2011
Hi seniors, I converted my waiting list and about to pay my Inital fee. I would personally like to visit the campus and make the payment. I need some assistance to reach the Institute from the Railway station(Mysore Jn). Any bus, auto, taxi? fare? if bus is available route no.? name of the stop or is the coll situated in main road?

Thanks in advance.

Vijet has answered your query.
Just giving you more information.You can take buy a ticket from the pre-paid auto counter. From bus stand it is around 36 and from Railways stand its 50. Frequent buses(both Volvos and normal buses) are there too. The bus no. is 201 and the stop name is J.C.Nagar(Aftr Jockey Quarters).

Welcome to the Campus.
Sinduj Says
Hi I'm in Waiting list how to confirm whether I'll get a call

Hi Sinduj,

Keep a tab on your mails. U'l be intimated via mail if you are selected.
All the best.

avi3887 Says
can u tell me abt the hostel..rooms r like sharing basis r what?

Hostel has all the facilities to make you feel like home! U'l have everyday free newspapers as well as tv. And yes it is a single occupancy room.

PGDM 2009-2011
The date we have given for joining is 14,june,so,i want to know that we have to come to college on 14,june or we can come to college anytime on 13,june and get our room keys???

Can you please upload some pictures of hostel rooms,it will be highly appreciated............

Pls reply..............
Thanks in advance..................

You can get your room keys anytime on June 13th. You'l have to report on 14th June morning to complete all the formalities.

Hi Pups,

i'm posting this again to help people on forum...
Pg 104 : Refund policy (you can read pages before it for details)
Pg 123 : Admission Process for Wait-listed students
Pg 126 : Telcom Networks in college
Pg 127 : Internet facilities on campus
Pg 131 : List of documents required during admission process
Pg 132 : Student Exchange program
Pg 136 : Specialization selection procedure
Pg137 : Certifications and Class Timings
Pg 140 : Socially Relevant Project (posted earlier too)
Pg 140,141 :Mess and related queries...
Pg 141 : Expenses on campus
Pg 143 : Placement summary (posted earlier too)
Pg 147 : Newspapers and magazine on campus
Pg 149 : Amenities available on campus and what you need to get on ur own..

Hope it would be useful for newbies on forum...

Truly appreciate your patience for this Prashanth! I'm sure its going to help lot of puys!
I'm still convincing myself that u did it..!! I hope so...
Hope your SIP is going great..:):)

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@ Seniors

Can you please tell me that at what date and at what time,we have to report in the college??


It will usually be in the 3rd week of June.. U'l be asked to report to college on that week's monday, but can get ur hostel room keys one day prior to joining.. :)
You'l get a mail or letter with the details soon..

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rvidyanta Says
How strict??

You can experience it when you come on campus!