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I think as moderator it is absolutely ok for you to modrate what you think are personal attacks. But I frankly don't think the number of replies is of any concern to anyone. As far as I know this was a forum of equals. The reason why so many people have responded is because quite frankly the thread was extremely offensive to most of us. It was filled with over the top claims and a lot of people started expressing appreciation for the post as if it was gospel. And a lot of people in Sydenham have an opinion and so felt the need to express it. And as regards harm to the reputation of the institute is concerned I think what you expect is some 'Anonymous' poster posts whatever he wants to and receives no comment. This thread should have been deleted a long time ago. And calling people immature, I guess thats not a personal attack is it? Thought so......


This was totally uncalled for! Personal attacks will never be tolerated on the forum! Consider yourself warned!

I don't know about others but if you ask me you guys from Sydenham seem to be doing more damage to the college than the guy who started this thread. All right the guy had some problems with your college and he posted them! So you felt a need to clear the air by presenting some *facts* Fair Enough! But did that call for so many posts rehashing the same points over and over again! And all that even when no one was actually arguing what you were saying. The general secretary, placement, committee, media committee etc etc everyone is posting and people have started joining PG just for posting on this thread. Why so much insecurity! A few posts arguing the points stated in the first post would have been fine! Why the need to post over and over again! And then we have these personal attacks like in the above post!

I personally would not like to join a college where people act so immaturely! People to me are more important than infrastructure, late night classes,etc etc.. These things can be adjusted with even if they are not upto the mark.. But not people! So for me the replies to the first post have done more harm to the reputation of sydenham than the first post itself.

Once again a warning! No personal attacks!

Hey ddrulz007 I think you have good chances for PG. I believe this year the procedure is a bit different with a number of rounds and so you have good chances.

i got total of 153 written+gd/pi i m a mumbai university student
hw r my chances for sydenham pgdm???

Hey ddrulz007 I think you have good chances for PG. I believe this year the procedure is a bit different with a number of rounds and so you have good chances.

i got total of 153 written+gd/pi i m a mumbai university student
hw r my chances for sydenham pgdm???
Hi guys I just want to clarify some things.
i) Sydenham has the worst college timings ever. Being a government college, all these lectures are arranged by us students, which affects a lot, especially for people not staying close to sydenham. Lectures at 7 pm, 10 lectures in the day.horrible I must say. The faculty is 100 % visting, and hence we have to cater to their time.
Hmmm..Well yes we do have lectures @ 7pm. When you want good professors to come in and teach you should be able to sacrifice on timings. All lectures are arranged by us students. So we can pick who we want to come in and teach us. We also decide who we want not to come. Sometimes a very good professor has free time in the evenings or on Sundays. We wont let him go just because we have to make a few changes in our schedule or a bunch of people have a problem coming to college. And I have never heard of any one taking a lecture @ 10pm.
ii) The infrastructure is just pathetic for management education. And all this talk of improving infrastructure is all bull shit, going on from the time I joined and passed out. Education, ho hum, Mumbai University, what people study at Chetna or Dalmiya, even I studied the same. As a serious study guy , I had little to study and more to merry. Exams, blah, again the same old examination method, study past 5 years papers and you are through MBA.
About the infrastructure it has always been out in the open that we are indeed lagging and thus work is being done on the same. I'll put through a few photos when I can of the way the college looks now as compared to a year ago.
And as regards MMS course what you study in MMS is standard. The profs have control on changing the course content which they exercise from time to time.
iii) Placement facts at Sydenham- No oneI repeat no one knows what the real Placement figures are except for the placement committee. The truth for this year is they say highest package is 20 lacs, that, guys is for a guy with over 8 years of experience and not a 1 year but on a 3 year contract, yes, 3 years for 20 lacs, that's around 6.6 lacs per annum. The placement committee has a few members who in the lack of faculty support play with our career. Their friends get the best packages, need I say more. Did anyone say that 8 people in the batch have not been placed till date? Out of these 8 I know 3 are engineers. And please do not expect great profiles to start with. Many of the companies that come to our college come to every other college in Mumbai, the profile and packages are same.
Well so you don't like the placecom. Whatever figures we have posted here are official. And this BS regarding friends of placecom members getting the best packages is exactly that BullShite. Guys get placed according to their caliber. And as regards 8 people not getting placed. Well every year we have some students who want a particular company or a particular profile or a particular package. They sit for very few cos and eventually either miss out or opt out. I don't think the institute should be blamed for that.
iv) The alumni support is just pathetic, few alumni even care to be associated or r even proud to be associated with us, some who do support are treated badly by the juniors themselves.
Well I don't understand you saying we have pathetic Alumni relations. We had an Alumni meet last year. We will have another one this year. We have Alumni as profs. We have a mentoring process in which each student is allotted an Alumni as a mentor. Pathetic I don't know if you know what that means really.
v) Everything is done by students (now don't tell me this is learning, I have learnt nothing but seeing vested interests)
Well this is learning. You learn how to take initiative, to handle different things independantly.
vi) How much does it take for a website in 2007? We had a media committee, which just keeps giving excuses for why do we need a website? Boss why do we need a Media committee then, shut up and study.
Ok. So you hated the media committee as well. Well as I have explained before getting approvals in a Govt. institute take time and thus the website is taking a bit of time. In the meanwhile we students are here in Pagalguy to give all aspirants info about the institute. And we don't get paid for doing this. And we also need the media committe to react to irresponsible people like you.
vii) Our director, P V Dabli is another very big contributor to the sydenham fiasco. All that has happened is students fighting for things to get done, and nothing comes out for years.
I'd rather not comment on this. We have a new Director Dr. M.A. Khan who has taken charge recently.
Well as for you getting placed in a bad company what can I say. You hate your alma mater you hate your colleagues you hate your company. Maybe you should think that the reason you got placed in bad co had something to do with you. Maybe it was your attitude or your skill sets (or lack there of) or your acads. And this sensational post of yours is brilliant at exactly that - sensationalism. Maybe you should look to add a bit more truth to it.
MMS 2006-08
Sydenham MMS
Media Committee

Hey nadhkula,
I think a 99.1 percentile puts you in with a slight chance for MMS. This is because last year the lowest written score was around 138 / 99.38 percentile. Add to that the increase in the number of people taking the CET. You might have a chance during cancellations though. You should make it to PG. And yes accomodations are not available for all in the hostel. I would recommend that you apply for the hostel as soon as you get an admission.


Great work Sye-Dyanamites u all rahine, Sanket, Aushutosh, Nazif..all of u .I really appreciate the efforts u are taking in giving info abt the college. Congrats to all of u for gettin placed. this post is mostly for the appreciation, but still a small doubt..?? i am Chem Engg from UDCT mumbai, got 99.10 (124 ) in CET + 5/6 in PAR (working in RIL, Jamnagar since oct-05)+ hope to get 29-30 in GD/PI . so tht makes it to 158-160. So at this wat are the chances of getting into Sydenham..MMS.??
Also if u dont mind wat abt accomodation i mean hostel..?/ herd tht the hostel of college is does not accomodate all the students..?
Hi guys like it has been stated before the website for the college is . It is outdated thats why it is going to be updated soon. And as regards joining or not joining the institute based on the website well that is up to you. And you all are more than welcome to have a look at the institute at Churchgate. And mealiennothuman im not too sure whether you are using google because the institute website is th first result for the query "sydenham institute of management".

Hey Mental,
I am assuming you are an OMS candidate. I think you have a good chance with 99.96 %ile. But you need to maximize your GD/PI because there are a lot of people with 99.8%ile plus. Overall I think you have very good chance if you do score a 30 in GD/PI. If you are a Maharashtra candidate you should make it to JB easily!!!

Sydenham MMS.

99.96%ile + 29-30 marks in GD+PI (expected)
What r my chances ???:
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Well like I said, I preferred Somaiya to Welingkar. It is a lot more established. And well Somaiya or Welingkar might be a very subjective choice. Also you should check with your contacts in these colleges as to placement, faculty of MMS v/s PG. In Sydenham there is no preferential treatment so this point doesn't matter. Location preferences might be another factor. But I think you should make it to PGDBA @ Sydenham if not MMS with 99.32 percentile. Last year a number of people made it with 99.38%ile after cancellations in MMS from Mumbai University.

Sydenham MMS.

Thanks Nazif...My Percentile is 99.32

What about Welingkar? Is Somaiya a better option than Welingkar? Doesn't Welingkar have a better infrastructure and Brand name?
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Hey rosh I think you have a decent chance to get thru into Sydenham. A score of 126+4 means you are somewhere near the 98.5 percentile mark. And a decent GD/PI should help. Your options should be
2. Sydenham MMS
3. Sydenham PG
After the top three you can have a look @ Somaiya & Welingkar. Personally I had put down Somaiya.

Nazif Tejani
Member Media Comm.
Sydenham MMS 06-08.

roshthegoddess Says
I have a written score of 126 and a PAR of 4 marks. Worst case GD marks around 13 and PI worst case 15. So that's a worst case scenario of 158 marks. ( I have a not-so-sure 1 mark of work-ex but am not counting that....'coz work-ex marks are apparently dicey) I am a Mumbai University - Type A Candidate . Where do I stand a chance? What should be my 1st, 2nd and 3rd options?
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