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Hey all

First of all congratulations to all call getters and thanks to the seniors for answering all queries .......I have got calls from both the courses....
I had a small query ....dont know how significant or insignificant it amy be....
I have a friend from the same college and same company who has got call from mbs FT(The person applied to only one course)

Would be it by any chance be disadvantageous....since being from same col and company, ones performance may get carried to the other???What happens if we get the same panel?????

What is the answer to the ques like , "why are so many ppl from ur company coming to mba"

Thanks in advance.....

dude, dont think abt permutns n combns. the ppl sittin oppo uv already interviewed thousands of cands. relax n be well prepared.

Mentor: acc 2 me....
happy bday Jaz

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there's no such motto of FMS...but ths yr's corporate theme is "addicted 2 excellence" but i dun think this info ll help u in ne case.

junta, relax ok!!! all said n done but how does this permuntations n combinations gonna help u??? no separate panels 4 diff categories. i think there r more thn 4 slots per day.

Best of luk.
C u 2moro @ FMS.

As far as my experience goes:


GD scheduled at 9.
Jesicca lal case. 3 mods 4m diff specialzn. (Operation Research, Business comm, Orgn behavior)
12min/12 candidates.
3-4 entries (airtime of ~2mins)
Enterd 3rd. talkd abt both perspectives. Summarized d disc in d end.


Was d 1st person 2 b cald 4 d interview:
same panel.

: Tel me abt urself.
Talked about background, acads, family, hobbies, a bit of achievements.
: Stresses on Past acads.
SSc, HSC n engg marks (had 80+ %). Talked abt my academis bg.
: Abt my city n state.
Specials abt my city n state. Its culture, places 2 visit.
: Abt my specialz in Engg
Y comp sc?? Subjects u ve? Fav subj?
My interest 4 comp sc. My achievements.

topic- Your dream gal
i started talkin abt Indira gandhi n her contributn.
they were not expectin such an answer. they said they were expectin me 2 talk abt Mallika Sherawat/ Katrina kaif.
I thn defended my stand. thts it. Extemp ended in 20 secs.


: Y MBA?
Explained hw it gives me flexibility, opportunities, platform n learnings.
: Career goal, Steps towards achieving ur career goal.
Explained hw I want to start at a step ahead.
: SOP. Whts in it, Y ve u written ths.
Justified what ever I had written in ma SOP.
: Any more points u wanna add to wht u said in d GD.
Added one pt.
: Thank you.

~10.05 AM

junta who vent received their call letter,plz call up admissions office betwn 10-5 on weekdays.

no forms ve 2 b filled b4 apprearin 4 d gd/pi/extemp. work ex guys,plz carry ur curr sal slip n d joinin letr.tht shud suffice 4 d time bein.

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hi seniors,
I have my gd/pi for Ft on 9th mar at 11.00 am and For Ms at 3.00 pm. My return flight is scheduled to leave at 10.00 pm in the night. So at what time my process is expected to be over. How much time will it take for me to reach airport from FMS. Seniors please advice.


FMS to Airport takes around 35-40mins. So, all those who ve similar queries, just plan accordingly. The process may get delayd by 1/2-1hr n once it starts, it shud nt take more thn 1-1.5 hr/group.
Some facts :
# Both the courses have separate GD and PI.
# Last time both were conducted at FMS North Campus. (One on the ground floor and other on first floor)
# Interview included an extempore as well.
# The final list had EXACT 50% females in both the courses .

dude,last time same proportn of gals had cleared the written xam. this time there are only 85-90 gals in the shortlist. so, the trend will change.
(v much disapointed at this end as well.....??: )

23593 calls.