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suvadro Says
@navatha2012: There is no link with any bank from the college side.But you can apply through any bank.Just kindly check the interest rate.Coz Amrita School of Business is affiliated by NAAC with A grade, plus it's approved by AICTE. So they will not make any problem.You have to show your tuition fees details, prospectus of the college, ur CAT score card & other scores-starting from class 10th.If you r going to take only 4 Lakhs, u don't have to give any collateral.But if u r going to take the loan of full amount, u have to give some collateral like ur parent's earning details, or some other documents for past 3 years.That's it.Thank you.

Thanks a lot if i apply for loan will i get it before march 21st

hi guys,...can anyone please guide me how to apply for education loan and what are the documents required??Is there any bank that has links with amrita???Plzzz rply
Thanks in advance

kriti.v123 Says
427000 is too much to be called an installment... guys let me know how r u going to arrange for tis amt b4 21st march

me too worried about the same...without confirming whether we r going to join or not in amrita how can we pay such a large amount...and even they didnt clearly state about the fee refund...i guess we can't even opt for education loan because the bank provides the loan only when we submit our college bonafide from amrita..and we can get that bonafide when our course begins i.e., in june...i am so sure about it because i asked regarding education loan during my PI..the amrita professor himself revealed this...if we cross all this hurdles even my opinion is that no bank will provide loan within 15days withput any enquiries..that too this large amount

hey net banking takes 2 days i think so, not sure, pay through cc

I have no credit card..only debit card

hey dates are extended till march 31 right, dont get tense, i think your paying through credit card.

no i opted for net banking
Natarajanjothi Says
Hi everyone though i got an admission in Coimbatore campus i am totally disappointed after seeing the first installment fees which is whooping 4,27,000 to be paid before 21st of march . It cannot be said as a first installment that is the entire fee of the first year. I need to go for an education loan which is impossible to get in next 15 days. And I really dont understand that y they are charging the entire first year fee to be paid before 21st.. Seniors please tell me What can be done in this case?

oh my this true???I am unable to too going for education loan....what is this????:banghead:seniors plzzz through some light

thank you navatha. hey i jst sent accepting the offer, last date for 1st install fee is on 21 mrch. im waiting for bimtech results, got call frm kiams-harihar jst nw, even waitng for other calls. converting amrita seems better, what about you navatha??

hiii...i am also waiting for bimtech results..i am sure i will get but it is for retail and insurance..i am not interested in that sector...and fro the last one hour i am trying to do my KIAMS payment through online..but my transaction is being failed..Can u help me plzz??what are this billing details???
kriti.v123 Says
what should v xactly mail them? that v r joining tats it?

hi kriti..we should mail them exactly what u said..but do that in a formal letter format
Vidyalakshmi Says
Hey the dates seem evident from the mail. What I am asking is how do we confirm our acceptance of the offer? Do we send them a reply mail telling them we accept the offer?

Yes thats it...mail them in formal letter format that i am happy to receive an offer from ur college and i am willing to is same as the confirmation that we provide when we got selected for a job...anyway this is my any senior if u know
Vidyalakshmi Says
I got my offer letter yayyyy!!When they say you gotta confirm our acceptance of the offer, what do we have to do exactly? Send in a reply back to them?

hi vidya As per the mail we should send before march 5th