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hi again...
i completed B.E electrical and have an experience in core engg filed of condition monitoring with ABB Ltd.., for 2 .5 yrs now..but i was charged up abt it initially..however,..due to lack of new avenues in our small unit..i am not happy by the way things have shaped up...and so since MBA was the hot cookie at the moment..i thot of changing my path and geting into stuff like marketing research etc..i had got thru SPGMBA..but left it hoping for bttr CAT results..which i sadly screwed up...and meanwhile i was applying to Unis in UK and France..from which i got calls in:
1.Ecole des mines de nantes,france.
2.Strathclyde Uni..for their Msc in power engg...
3.strathclyde again for their MBM..(but ppl said its not all dat cool aftr i have 2 yrs of exp with a company like ABB..!):(
3. Cardiff Uni..for MBA..(UK)
4. leicester Uni..for engg..
so now i am left wid options...and my choice i think is dependant on getting a good job in UK for at least a yr..before i shift base bak...and definitely getting a better hike in my sal...
the top priority being job satisfaction...

I am worried that i shud not land up with saem situation aftr the eng degree India..dats y i was looking at newer unknown avenues of MBA...mktg etc...

Pls help!!!!

Some questions:

What is your field? What are your career goals? Without articulating those, it's quite impossible for anyone to advise about anything.

Did you ask such questions before applying for these courses? Or did you apply without any research?

Think, come back with more clear statements of goals and we'll revisit the above questions.


hi did u join the course?hws it?

hello bacardisprite,

I am an electrical engineer with 2 .5 yrs of hardcore technical experience in my field. No i was weighing my PG options and got a call frm UK uni of Strathclyde for their Power engineering with business program & another call for their Masters in business management program(MBM) ..i am confused as future carrer propects of both and other stuff....i read ur post on the options beyond MBA so asking for some advice! Pls guide!!!