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@IIM C aspirant. 
ankita rathod @anki1
hey guys can anyone suggest any short term courses/certifications in marketing/finance/HR

Does doing courses in coursera help to build my profile.?

I am interested in finance and thinking of doing some online courses in coursera like introduction to finance etc.will this really help me in profile building perspective ..?  


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  • is also good, i did many courses from it.. 07 May '15.
@IIM C aspirant. 
saikat halder @saikatha 1,179 is also good, i did many courses from it. 

Abhi Jain @cat100
A. As officials, their vision of a country shouldn't run too far beyond that of the local people with whom they have to deal. B. Ambassadors have to choose their words. C. To say what they feel they have to say, they appear to be denying or ignoring part of what they know. D. So, with ambas...
Aradhna Sahay @Aradhna.Sahay
Few days back I found a post on this thread where someone was sharing both Career Launcher 350 video lecture series and Byju's Classes Video portal for CAT and GMAT against Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar. But can't find the post anywhere now. Anyone here having the link to the post or knowing the...
Aravind kommineni @nashchrr

Mine is working absolutely fine! she is not fake.what   @Aradhna.Sahay told is absolutely right...

Manish Kumar Verma @jaykalp
Hey there people! A lot of CAT and GMAT prep books are up for donation in Kondapur,Hyderabad! The owner has grown sick of MBA entrance exams and has decided not to take any anymore. Please contact me ASAP or before 22nd of this month whichever comes first. After the said date, I'll have no other ...
Aravind kommineni @nashchrr

Hi friend i stay at gachibowli.. how can i contact u plz mail to