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when the Login portal will be activated for the admits of Co2013

Got Admission Offer at Hyderabad Campus with 5 Lacs scholarship..... Looking forward to have a great time there.....

Congrats to all the Successful.....

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Hi Puys,

Sorry for the delayed post.
My interview over on 18th Dec 2011.
At ISB Hyd campus.
Any queries please ask.

I submitted my application on 24th Nov.

maxmoju Says
@Narendra Singh- Can you share your profile please ?

GMAT 710, AWA-4.0
5.5 yrs of work ex in Rocket Science.
University 1st rank in B.Tech.
Co curricular good--held President post in university association.
quest2011 Says
Hi..Which was your preferred interview location?

Hyderabad was my preferred location.

Hi to all,

I got Interview call and it is scheduled on 18th Dec at ISB campus.
I submitted my application on 24th Nov.

Bhallu Says
Hi guys.. Have been on PG only recently but i have applied for R2 for ISB and have been shortlisted for a telephonic iv.. any suggestions or tips in particular?


When u submitted your application and how many days in advance (before i/v date)u got the shortlisting confirmation.
MBA 2012 Says
For those who have their application status marked "complete"... Are you guys getting a confirmation via email of the status update? Or are you logging in regularly to the portal to check?

I got email confirmation and also sms on my mobile for the same.

I submitted my application on 24th Nov and its status is Completed since 28th Nov.

Hey Guys,

I have a problem. My application status changed to shortlisted with interview in 3 days. But I dont have any originals (degree certificate etc. ) with me. Can any one confirm whether i need these documents for the interview?



I submitted my application on 24th Nov. and my application status is Completed since 28th Nov. Whats the process actually after this by ISB...Can u please share your experience with application status updates..