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hi all,
had my pghr gd pi today,,
venue : mdi itself-- time 2.00 pm!

graduation: physiotherapy
cat %tile: 97.21!
work ex : zilch!!!!

the process started dot on!!
forms were taken,,n we were showed 2 d gd room,,2 panelists,,.. d gd topic was,," HR AS A CHANGE AGENT",, gave ample tym 2 think,,n 15 mins 2 discuss,,we ended up repeating d same points,,change,,its acception,,hw hr combats d discontent!,,they stopped us at the end,,n said,,,"bus gol gol ghume jaa rahe ho":splat:

then d wait fr pi!!
was 5th to go in,,,strangely,,no person that came out said d interview was fine,,evrybody said,,pata nahi kaisa gaya,,donno wat dey were asking!:huh:

nyways my turn,,went in,,,wished,,n had a seat!!!

p1: hello namita,,
me: hello sir!
p1: jus answer my 1 question,,"what r u doing here?"
n den dey were silent,,i thot twas jus fr fun,,but den i asked again,,,sir u want me 2 answer wat i m doing here?
he said yes,,
me: answered sumthing

p1: ,,u kno u r god to old people like me,,ur profession has money,,social work,,its god's chosen profession,,y do u want to chuck it all?
me:,,started saying sumthing,,,
p1: unless u really really hate ur graduation?? is it so?p2: still why here?
p1: give me a buisness proposition from ur graduation,,i give u three choices,,
1..go home 2 home fr treatment? a small set up,,n alongside go home 2 home?
3. open a big set up,,n call patients dere?
wat is more profitable?,,give me advantages n disadvantages of all three
p2: u kno,i have a kid here,,same graduation as u,,,but he's had work ex,,u r a kid,,go home,,sit n think y n wat u want 2 do,,y cum here?
p1: u kno,all say they wl open up this,, that,,nearly 9 outta 10,,n then they pester over placements,,m telling uu,,u r a kid,,,go n sit n think wat u want to do,,,

p1:u r most welcome here.,.but u kno,,u will be dissapointed wen u get into mdi,,we have nothing 2 ofer u,,:huh::tellme:
me: said non sir,,tried explaining evrything,,but

p2: m telling u ,,u will be dissapointed,,i have had kids who i thought,,aged 45 sumthing,,we kno better den u!!
p1: acha namita tell me,,u were luking uncomfortable in gd?,,were u?
me:,,no sir not at all
p1: no u were,,as if u were sitting n getting irritated why people r talking? y they r shouting?,u wanted 2 get it over wid!! dere were people who were shouting(there was nobody infact)can u name that person who was shouting?
me: shouting no sir,,but irrelevant points may be yes,,,
p1: still namita,,,why waste 8-10 lakhs here,,wen m telling u,,u will be dissapointed?
said sumthing again,,
p2: y not go for marketing/finance?
p1: at d end,,u kno,,the answer to "go ,sit n think",,is yes sir,,i will go and think!!:oops:
anyways,,o ne big big blunder was,,he said,do u have any questions for us?,,,normally i dont do dis,,but fr u,i will make an exception,,i ended up blurting out,,"no sir,,no questions,,thank u!
that was it!! 12 mins,,,
donno twas a stress or not,,cuz strangely,,thruout d interview,,the panelist kept on smiling,,n not sarcastically,,n it was a vry pleasant experience fr me,,pls tell wat kinda interview it was?


any body knos,,wat basis they are taking the shortlisted candidates?
all it displays,,is check status on 21st,,now hw on earth is sum1 supposed to kno,,how he/she will be selected?
all guess work?


seems like bad news wont end,,at 97.21,,got rejected at bimtech:shock:
n now,,d ultimate hope,,,fore,,there also,,in waiting,!!
not hopeful much after dis,,,anybody has any idea as to,,,wats d criteria fr waitlisted candidates??
i mean they are not giving any rank etc,,hw one gets 2 kno,,wat d chances are?

i dont think the ratio goes like 200 :160,,as far as i know,,outta 360 seats,,last year,,70 are gals,,the ratio works out 2 be around,,5:1!!
correct me if m wrong,,but this is d info dat i had!!
no special preference given to girls!!:sarcasm:

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can anyone tell me how many calls have been dispatched....and what is the ratio of intake???

,,i saw it today on notice board,,,group of 15,,3 panels,,,,n 4 slots each day!,,,dat turns out to be,,180 students per day!
even on notice boards,, i saw a list of 918 students:)
but i guess the list moves a lot!!!
all the best!

had my gdpi today,,pretty chilled out!
first registration,,den presentation by seniors,,then taken fr gd!
3 panels dere(including the director)...the topic was,,"mid day meals,,,,are dey a wastage of money?"
they pleaded us not 2 make a fish market!!!
but there were sum troublemakers,,,,specially gals,,,whu jus cant succumb their urges to speak!! panel requested 2 maintain decorum!at d end,,,they stopped in between asked people who cudnt speak ,,,to put their point 1 by 1!then gd resumed,,n den summary!
group sent out,,n d sheets given fr gd,,asked 2 b deposited at d panel's table!

then pi!! now 4 people,,,extempore,,topic,,"lal bahadur shastri",,,10 secs 2 think,60 secs 2 speak!
normal,,chilled out pi!,,y mba?
goals,,short/long term?
dis dat
hardly 8 mins!
all in all a vry relaxing experience!
hope it helps!


pls guys,,,,,pls,,wl b vry helpful if u all will start uploading ur experiences!!!

all the best 2 all!

srry,,double post! ;(
cat %tile,,,"97.21__overall
tenth_ 80.2
twelth_ 81.3

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hi all,,
pretty pretty late,,still,,,enuff toiling around in my own thouts,,,,n i decided its tym to actuallyjot down n introspect,wat all hppened in my gd/pi!??:
,,,"my valentine with imt"(already apologised fr being late)
12:30 slot!!
first up was d gd,,,,14 of us,,,sitting in 1 room,,lyk d most civilised of d lots,,,seniors kept cuming in,,told not 2 create a fish market,,,evrybody noded as if,,pondering n luking down upon d people who do make it a fish market,,,
nyways,,panel was having lunch i guess,,,tried to introduce ourselves to ech other,,(m a physiotherapist by d way,,which m sure,,must have intreaked a few)
d panel came,,,sheets were distributed,,we chose on d topic,,"india a superpower br 2015 wid 40 crore people hungry/illiterate",,,,panel(3 sir's),,,,gave 2 mins to think,,as soon as he rang d bell,,before it cud end,,1 guy sprang up wid d intro(almost startling to most),,,things heated up within seconds,,,at evrytym atleast 4 people kept speaking,,,the panel rang d bell n gd was RESTARTED:satisfie:!!but 2 no use,,,it went hellish again,,the panel again rang d bell,but nobody bothered 2 stop,,,gd kept going,,all shouting(no points i can think of dat were made b4 being slaughtered in d middle)(srry fr being artistic,but twas my first gd,n a real trauma)!nyways,,i jus kept saying,,friends,its a small room,,pls lower down ur volume,,n b4 i cud realise,tym was up!:(,,den summary n the ryt up was fine!
then interview,,was 12th,,had a long wait,,evrybody had d process fr nerly 10 mins!
then i entered,,
wishes,,,,seat!,,all done!
ques: y mba?,,y not mpt?
ans: i thot was impressive
ques: do u think ny company wl take u after 2 years?
ans: sir i have dun my research,,named a few, n told they wl b more den happy 2 have me!
ques: wats d difference bitween a ligament and a tendon?
ans: pretty simple,answered
ques: wat buk did u read fr anatomy?
ans: named d buk!
ques: ny other acheivemant?
ans: told i m registered with sports authority fr commonwealth

nw d third panelist,,,(was sitting tilted at me d whole tym,,not speaking,,just watching me,)
he asked me d one question dat i think is d point of sudden death in any interview!:(
ques: "y didnt u spoke anything in d gd?"
ans: smiled a bit,,sir at dat instance,dere was no point in saying anything,cuz nobody was listening,,everybody was saying,,"adding to ur point my friend"...n den saying/adding sumthing completely opposite!:(
at dat,,all three laughed and said,,"interesting"
den dey asked me to leave!

n d whole process was over in nearly "3 MINS",,,(ya, dat is it!)
pls guys,,,pls tell me wtshud i infer to from all dis,,dere were people wid 5 min pi as well!
but nw m getting nervous!
i kno watever answers i gave were satisfying n true n logical!!
gd,,i cant change! but wat cud one do in such a situation?,,be a part of d fishmarket?,,or wat?
donno,,pls will appreciate ny feedback!??:

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pretty late though,,,but even i havent received my call letter till now,,,,gd/pi tomm at 9!!!
god help my soul!!

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