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Hii fahd 123,,
Regarding the change in dates, we will talk to the Management. We will let you know soon.... !!

Today,, In NIA,, we had a great lecture of MR Sunil Mehta ( Country head -AIG ) on "Business Ethics and corporate Governance".... we all learned a lot from him....
Also 5 students (including me) got selected for summers in First Apex at Bangalore... having a great fun and knowledge in NIA,,, still more to go !!

Ishita9 Says
Hey guys how is SDMIMD in terms of placement,future prospects n al?...I have secured 84.63%ile(oa),ldi-92,qa-73,va-65...should I apply to it?Are there any sectional cutoff in SDMIMD?...suggest some other institutes also ASAP.PLZZZZZZZ...last date is approaching:-(.

Hii Ishita,,,
You have a good chance of getting a call from National Insurance Academy. It is the best Institute of Insurance and Risk Management in India. Average package is 6.3 (2009-2011 batch)... follow the below links to some more information about this college .......

Feel free to ask queries....

National Insurance Academy
The NIASoM Times..

Feel free to ask queries....

Namit jain
NIASoM 1012
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Hi Seniors,
Please have a look at my profile and marks and let me know if can hope to get a call from NIAS.
I have a work ex of over 13 months in a leading software firm.
Also I have decent extra curricular activities(excellent in sports and dance competitions) and also have a certification from XIMB in network management.
Please reply asap.....
Eagerly waiting for the reply.....

hii Sagar,,
Well ,, your percentile may be considered as you have decent profile with you.. Work-ex in software firm with certificate from XIM B will give you some edge over others,, rest all will depend on your gdpi . so you have good chances of getting a call from NIA as per your profile mentioned here .........

Feel free for any queries ....

Best of luck -

Namit Jain
PGDM 1012

hii guys,,,

Combo dhamaka in NIA,, exams and Summers placement are going together....I hope we all get gud summers.

Congos Mr. K.

Namit Jain
PGDM 10-12
The NIASoM Times..


heyy guys, your wait is over,,,,

The admission notification for PGDM 2011-13 batch is out.
Last date of submission is 31 jan 2011.
For details check the NIA Pune website:
Namit jain
PGDM-10-12 Batch

Hey.... how many of NIA selected students are finally joining the 2010-2012 program this year...... Please confirm!!! ?? Please join the New orkut community !! -90

As mentioned on the site that laptop configuration must be "i5".. as "i5" configuration is not so common... and I do not have "i5" configuration with me also..,,, I have the "dual core" .... So,,,?? we have to purchase that before the commencement of the course or we can purchase after some days ??? as seniors are saying that you can bring any of the laptops here,,, "All will be accepted".... so what to do know??.. can we come without laptops ....... ???? I am asking this because that if we all purchase the laptops in a bulk there may be some discount also!!

hii, seniors, the 8 lakhs Rs creating a problem to me,,,The installment is going to be minimum of around 15 thousand Rs.... !!! (7 lakhs Rs loan)+ Interest... Can any of the seniors can tell me about the installment of their loan.... I know that their loan is around 4 lakhs Rs... so what was their installment(including Interest)...... are they comfortable in paying this!! what are the other things that i have to face if I am taking such a high loan......?????Some of my institute faculties are saying that it will be really difficult to you to pay such high installment till 7 years,, But I still want to join this institute!!!! because I believe that I can pay the installment!!,, but you know that their is little risk in that!!!! what to do,, whether to join or not to join!!
Another thing is that I have applied for the bank loan around 10 days before, but bank employees are saying that it will take around 10 days more,,,,So I have to arrange from some other source!!! As you know that I have to leave my home town on 15th july, so its becoming very difficult for me to pay this!!! what to do know??????

hii seniors,,,, can you tell about the configuration of the laptop, I have both kind of laptop,,ie; Dual core and Pentium 4 processor. But instead of that I am using desktop (as i told you the reason for that).!! Now i want to ask that can i bring any of the laptops here.. if core2duo is required than I have to purchase it, otherwise can i use that laptops?? what kind of work do we have on the laptops?? is high configuration is required or it can be done on the Pentium4 also?? some were saying that high configuration is required is required mostly in the animation.. So can i work on that?? can we use notebook there?? How many of the seniors are using notebook there?? thanks in advance!!