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I too received THE email on the second of July. Hopefully I will be able to stitch everything together and join DMS in the short time I have....resignation, fees,travel...etc. Hope to see u all soon!

And thank you Nishant for all the help. Really appreciate the effort and the time you have put in for all us.

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27th Feb Morning Slot Bangalore

Cat percentile: 97.51
Work Ex: 10 Months
WAT Topic : India is far from being a knowledge driven economy

Interview Experience :

There were three members in my panel (1 Lady). The PI is short ranging from 10-20 mins. In my case there were no general questions like Tell us about yourself and Why MBA ...

The Lady asked direct questions. Why such a drop in your 12th percentage. What is your native famous for. Is it possible to have internet in a Television(Explain). Can we have VOIP in such a system. What will you do to solve the problem of interference. Other calls if any?
How many attempts at CAT. Which specialization will you opt for...and some more short and direct questions which I do not remember.

The second panel asked what is the Attrition rate in IT industry?
and the third member asked the amount of success you have achieved in your life in terms of your expectations(percentage)

In all it's a very smooth process. Around 70 candidates have been called per slot. There are 5 Panels who are interviewing the candidates.
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Is this correct info? Because I can see on website admission procedure still shows qualifying exam as JMET 2010.I am wondering whether the info I am reading is up-to-date or not. Seniors please confirm.

Step 2:
Obtain a demand draft for Rs.1000/- (Rs.500/- for SC/ST/PH candidates) made in favour of Registrar IIT Delhi payable at New Delhi. Fill in the details of this draft on the Application Form as specified.
Step 3:
Send the Application Form, duly filled in and signed, along with the requisite demand draft to:
The Deputy Registrar (PG)
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016.

The info is almost the same but it's old. The updated instructions are present here.
MandeepSaini Says
Do the candidates belonging to NCOBC category also need to send the NCOBC certificate along with application form and DD?

Only the DD and the form needs to be sent.
Does IID-Management Institute has any reservation for NC-OBC category students. Please advise.

Yes it has reservations.
som106 Says
plz any help on this will be appreciated...

Do you have any conversion criteria in your university? If you have some conversion criteria in your university according to which 6.67 corresponds to a percentage above 60 you can apply.

Seniors could provide better info on this though.

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