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Some news for guys on the brink.
Viral shah, state rank around 30, is not joining JB as he is thru IIM C.

Source: A friend who knows him personally; not a first hand info though!


Hey guys,

Congratulations to all who made it to JBIMS
Best wishes for the course.

Cheers, Nakul


PS: In CASE the scorecard for MAY-MAT doesn't arrive till that date, CAN I submit an electronic version(printout from Website, they can verify the same online anytime, while I am at ARC, that leaves no chances to temper, even if I want to). AIMA says that Electronic version has legal validity !
please help.

Logical but risky. Dont try these things with ppl at ARC, they r typical govt post office like people and, know that, only u take the downside. Keep everything in original. Last year many candidates submitted their may-MAT scores, so even you should manage the scorecard.

PS: I believe both nitin and sunil submitted the may scores, rite?
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PS: I have scored a 35 in GDPI. I am not ranting coz I didn't get good marks. I am still speaking on behalf of myself, and not any1 else, coz this is not the only GD that I have had in my life!

Nor this was the last GD of your life and when u actually join the b school, u would realize there are 20 more fatcors that play a role. Its a highly subjective and fairly meaningless process at large.
BTW, congrats on the score, and a clear JB admit

The gd breakup is as follows:

Group Communication:4
Analytical Skils:4
Consistency of Participation:4
Team Building:3

This is as confirmed with a CET panelist.

Now anyone with a little practice can start predicting correctly how to mark candidates.If this thing is followed properly,there is very little scope of a person scoring low because ofhis/her group.So it's not as subjective in the end as we usually think.

Ps:I am at 175 with a 99.99 in MAT.I've met three more people at the same score,two having a 99.98 and one leaving for FMS.So even at a cutoff of 175,my chances are good.It's just that when taking into account all the above mentioned factors,one does an excelllent job and yet becomes a borderline case,it does hurt.

The structured approach reduces the subjective element of the process, albeit does not eliminate it, as the criterion for grading are inherently subjective how so ever discrete it is made.
But surely, it does hurt that way! All the best for JB and I know, the anxious moments of wait must be tough! Keep hope, U will sail thru
140 + 34 = 174.
Should mostly make it, but need a verification...thanks!

Hey, it will be a walk in for u. Its a sure shot top 10 score. After all those deliberations about JB and MDI, it seems you have made up your mind. Congrats
@Scorpion19:You're right,but then doesn't it mean that if one lands up with a dud group,he should end up with 13,no matter how well he tries to pull up the performance of the whole group???Again,how in the world does one explain somone in your very same center,having an equally dull group,with an equal level of performance,getting 16??

And think about categories like OMS where the whole list wraps up in a range of 7 marks!!If you heve a girl whose attending GD Pi in jeans :wow:and just doesn't speak up even when the panelists and the whole group exhorts her and a guy who cannot speak more than a sentence at a time ,should this be a valid reason for you becoming a borderline case??

Why do these people disclose gd-pi marks when eventually it's all their whim and nothing else???

The easiest and also the most futile thing to do is curse the system. Its all subjective at the end. And people arguing for a 15 in place of a 13 are simply crying foul. Its true that the admits are wrapped up in 7-marks, but if u calculate the avg GDPI for the class of JB, its not more than 27/34.
Which obviously means than guys with less that 27 have also made it to JB. You got come out with an excellent performance or be plain simply lucky to crack 31+/34. Thats true with any process, any exam or life in general!
And all those resons like a dud group with disgusting people might have brought down the group performance. One cannot deny the role of a group in GD, its about group perfomance also apart of a standout individual amongst them.

Do u guys actually feel its possible to debate about the GD PI marks??
The scores are final whatsoever. Just report grievances if ur PAR or work ex marks are not entered properly.

168 is the number for Mumbai university candidates this year

Sorry angel But its 42. The count goes as follows:

Total Seats - 120
Reserved for Home University i.e. Mumbai - 70% i.e. 84 seats
Reserved for backward class - 50 % i.e. 42 seats

Therefore, Mumbai Unversity Open Category remains only 42 seats.:sad:

Small correction.
4 out of the 42 are for specially abled candidates
That leaves 38 for the open mumbai students
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