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Hi we can discuss about this. I am planning some practice room Club. Contact me.

Planning to give GMAT by April or so.
Acads :
X : 91.2
XII : 69.4
Grads : 7.5 (BTech-CSE, NITW)
WE :
19 months of IT exp (Oracle) (Would be around 3 years, when I plan to join B-school)
2 months Intern (Microsoft)
2 months training at small company in Nagpur
EC :
Toastmasters, Have volunteered for NGO's, some more acads and extra-curricular certis

Have just thought of giving GMAT, so as of now going through different threads of PG.
Any pointers to study material. Tips on colleges to target.
Tips on how to Study, etc.
Thanks a lot in adv.

Also looking for groups in Hyderabad wherein can meet and discuss doubts,etc.