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Guys...lets keep the things straight...jst keep the forum away from biasing on the basis of college names..talkin abt the top 3 or watever..if anybody has any views to the guy who is in talkin abt respect..anybody who comes here n posts anythin,deserves respect..n every senior who takes time n helps us,deserves utmost if anyone wanna question abt respect can keep it for later..n start payin it to all...
here r guys,includin me who feel damn lucky to get into top 3..v did work hard,but in CAP..luck does have a part...agreein to was Mr.Rahine said..pls dont post anythin which might make people who have waited for a year or so to get into top3 feel stupid...keep dat in mind..n lets wish all those appearin for CAP-4,ALL THE BEST...!:cheers:

buddy, even you know it well who has the most & in a way weirdest biases towards institutes. It would have been very helpful if this suggestion was directed to this esteemed personality as well.
also, if u have time to go through posts, just look who asks unnecessarily for respect every-time there is someone turning up even with just a v little contrasting views. It's highly suffocating for others who r here asking for guidance on what they should expect; when this person comes up & start bragging about his institute when question was nowhere related to it.
About the guidance he is providing & intent behind it. we better not discuss it
I know it well that none of this will make any sense to him & there will b people who r bound to get infuriated by this.
let it be. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone in top 3 or whatever league people innovate here. In fact no one here has the authority or competency to insult any institute.
I'm targeting only JBIMS from CET and that's why i was trolling here. But certain hostile posts from such people is giving me weird thoughts about the institutes they are so aggressively branding. anyway i have worked long enough in the corporate to neglect such posts & i'll try to b doing the same till it's possible to tolerate these antics.
peace. I have nothing to prove here. am back to the hibernation mode.
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coolrahine Says
such remarks on senior sand to industry people leaves a mark on yur inst too ... so not only be it with me , be it with any senior industry people , try not to bring unnecessarily controversial topics out of nowhere , and well yu yurself brought out names of inst - syd , kj .... so be out of all this

when one comes out on a public forum to post anything. the only way he can be judged & command respect is by the content & value he is bringing. Not just because he is working in some hot-shot company at the most sought after position or if they r approached by their college to b a brand ambassador.:banghead:
so sir, kindly let others do what they r doing well & anyway u r also doing the same.
I hope u r getting my point. else u r welcome to groan or post some essay replying to this. :banghead:
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Help me Please

Do you have a liking for number crunching? Yes
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone?Group but can work alone too
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want?Decent
Do you have a creative mind?Not much
Do you like travelling?Yes
Do you find it easy to talk to strangers?Yes

I am a post graduate in Mechanical Engg with 3 years of work exp in IBM..I dont want to get into HRM or into I banks..I want to go into a field where my engg degree and exp. doesn't get wasted..What are the prerequisites to get into consulting?Does it require excellent academic record?My acad record is pretty average except a high cgpa in and some International paper presentation, can I get into consulting if I get into a top B school and perform very well there?Or should I do MBA in IT

Please Reply ..Its urgent..

I feel you have the ability to do well in B2B sales for Mfg sector as well. Do give it a thought as well. Just thought of suggesting.
(I'm not an expert so won't be able to advise on consultancy)
erasmus84 Says
Has anyone made a provisional certificate of Eligibility as yet... I need to get on.. can someone guide me please... where is this kalinga university.. I am from Pune University.. and hoping for a college in Mumbai..

i think one gets to prepare this after taking admission in particular institute.
Also, generally it is done by college itself. one gets to pay some specified amount & submit the form to college. that's all.

& it's "kalina", not kalinga
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sheetalcet2011 Says
hey kalina is in Santacruz in mumbai....... of ur comming by bus frm pune thn catch the bus for borvali.... at get down at santacruz from der take a auto to go to kalina.......... it will take arnd 10-20 mins frm der

rather, get down near Kurla, if u r in Dadar bus.
it's close to Kurla as well.
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rehaan 15 Says
When i called up SIES to confirm,, they, (after a lot of confision amongst themselves) , told me that 3165 stands for MCA . . I'm so confused with this whole thing now . . MCA combined with MMS ???? aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh . . What is suposed to b done ? ?

these ppl are always a bunch of confused lot.
anyway, did u call at this time? :w00t:
i think this new list came by 8-9 pm..

anyway, i'm sure now of opting out of this new sies :
even when these ppl are not aware of the new seats, how well is collg prepared to absorb these good no. of added intakes .
adarshks Says
Pls help me out with the info regarding fees for 2 years MMS in welingkar and somaiya...i have already gone thru the fees in the dte site..but i need for complete 2 years..

i don't have exact info as to how much extra we have to pay. But the total fees should be around:
5 Lakh for Welingkar
4-4.2 Lakh for KJ Somaiya.
as there is some extra 20-40 K p.a. that is to be paid by students to pvt collgs..
The 180 seats that u refer to would be for which course?
PGDM? Isn't it supposed to be 120!

PGDM has 120 seats.
MMS till last yr had 60 seats.
this yr one more SIES for MMS is added with 120 more seats.
zhampak Says
its not confuzing sies has got 120 seats under new course starting from 2011....i am really not finding it good news will definitely decline its standard....180 + 120 =300 ....which is almost equal to welingkr .....n they do find it difficult to place ppl wth good profile....and sies is not even equal to welingkr ....

i have the same concern.
also as no info is there about this new course, i would rather not fill this new option in my form (to be on safer side than risking on this )

pvt collgs seems too impressed with revenue model of welingkars/sinhgad...
richashah Says
yeah even i see that + i see 2 sies so in all 180 seats kya :cheers:

I doubt if i'll put this as option..... there is no info abt this new sies.... i would rather go to MET than risking my options by opting for sies part-2.... anyway placements for 300 students has to be difficult for sies.
(personal opinion)

so not exactly a good news.
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