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It is a deadlocked situation.

MDI is not releasing a list because people are not withdrawing.
People are not withdrawing because MDI has not released a list and they are hoping for an upgrade.

I remember that that first list was released on 21st April, friday evening. Now more than 1 month has passed.
MDI always promised a certain date then released the list before that date every time this season. Be it the initial applications received, folks called for GDPI, interview slots and finally the merit list. It was the epitome of efficiency. Loved being a part of such an efficient process.

Even if more students are there, at least tell the truth.

Making excuses like director is on leave, the list has too little withdrawals, we are waiting for more withdrawals are kiddish excuses. Never expected this from MDI of all instis.

@ all, we appreciate all your concerns regarding the waitlist movement and understand that the wait is becoming frustrating, however please realize that all the seniors are busy with their summer internships(more so now as submission deadlines are near) so your reasons for blaming them for not finding out about the delay in waitlist are not justified

Also realize that students are not involved in the admission process in any way, and seniors have been going out of their way to get answers for your queries from the adcom and the faculty

I can only request you to be patient and understand that creating a ruckus on PG will not help anyone. The adcom has stuck to the timelines so far and it must be having a valid reason for not being able to meet the deadline this time

i can totally understand ur position, but like u, a lot of people are helpless
when i got a 97.09 last yr, going by the previous trends, i had no hopes of even getting a call from MDI let alone converting it, and the results were a pleasant surprise. we were not building hopes but sharing our last yrs experience with the aspirants on pg
last yr we had ppl with high percentiles in a similar position such as yours. CAT cannot make everyone happy (it is not supposed to) and it hasnt been doing so for the past few yrs, and so are the top b-schools.
this time IIMs played spoilsport with high percentiles and MDI did so with others. i'm not in anyway trying to justify anything but ur accusing the seniors about not bringing this to the notice of admissions office is baseless. there are a lot of ppl who are constantly in touch with the admissions office, but, we cannot make the rules

this may sound a little philosophical but its the truth, no senior or aspirant can do anything abt it..maybe AICTE can ask the institutes to declare the criteria before hand but that too is not in our hands

cheer up, its not the end of the world

While I do not intend to stir up a hornet's nest here, there's no point in trying to justify something which is so glaringly evident. One doesn't need to rely on the 'fudged' excel sheet to prove that no one
The GD/PI schedules were drawn up in the descending order & at every center, the last 3-4 days were reserved for not one person who had his interview scheduled from the 4th to the 6th manage a convert. Isn't this a large enough sample? Was there no one in the last 3 days of Mumbai interviews capable of getting a convert? I'm sure this finding can be corroborated for the other centers too. I, for one, had an excellent GD/PI & the best I could manage was outscore all people in my group & some others who were .20 percentile more than me.

MDI is an institute of repute. I do not intend to say that this was deliberate & agree that it won't call people just for the heck of it. However, people need to understand that there's a serious discrepancy somewhere. I'm sure even the experienced panelists who took our interview in Mumbai would be surprised if they are informed about this. As someone pointed out earlier, this looks a case of some serious mathematical mis-calculation than any deliberate mis-endeavor which robbed low percentilers of a chance to grab the coveted seat despite a good GD/PI.

I know, unlike some other institutes, the seniors at MDI are not that involved in the Admissions process. But the least that someone could do was bring this to the notice of the Admissions Chairperson so that such a thing isn't repeated in the future.

PS - I apologize for such a long post. But this had to be brought to light.

one of our batchmates helped the admissions office design this system(the IT part of it), i dnt think anyone would be able to predict its implications on the waitlist movement as it is totally subjective and depends on the choices made by ppl in the waitlist

varcat Says
i think the process for allocation has changed this dis going to slide the waiting list upwards or downwards ??
Krishna Sheshadri @thegreatkrishna
Introducing new courses, updating the existing ones and employing new 'out-of-classroom' methods in learning are some of the maneuvers that Indian b-schools are adopting to stay relevant and competitive. As a result, stu
talli balli @mysticjayant

just a correction, its TSAF - Tata Steel adventure foundation "XLRI has a collaboration with the Tata Adventure Sports Foundation (TASF), run by the legendary Bachendri Pal." p.s - this kind of errors can undermine the authenticity of the article

every bank would require the fee structure.
dont worry you will get that very soon with the admission offer letter, for the time being you can use the structure given in the admission brochure.

as i mentioned in my earliar post, see if there is a dedicated UBI loan center
near your place, they know about this scheme or the senior people there would be willing to learn about it from you. (unless and until they have modified the scheme)

talked to UBI people here in Jammu,,,,,on UBI site it is mentioned that there is no COLLATERAL req but here they are askin for collateral also a detailed FEE STRUCTURE will be req by the bank which has not been provided by MDI,,,,are we going to get it or we will have to ask for it???

Not many branches know about this special loan scheme. I think there are certain branches which are dedicated for loans only (there is one in ghaziabad). Find out the nearest one to your place and approach them. I got my loan approved in a week and the formalities required were minimum with this scheme.
gurgaon branch may help but the process might take a bit longer as they'd be sending your documents to your home branch, so my advice, check the UBI loan center near your place :cheerio:

Thank you so much !!

I had gone to 3 UBI branches in my town, no one seemed to know anything about it. In fact, I even gave a print out of that link to the person concerned in the Main Branch of UBI. She said she would find out about it, but when I went again she made up some excuse saying to come tomorrow coz she still hasn't found out about it !!

Is there a UBI Branch close to MDI campus? I will be going to Gurgaon next week, I will try to get the info from that branch.

Thanks :thumbsup:

1. i'm afraid no institute would be able to help you in this regard. at max you can miss the first week but it is not recommended. This happens every year and people do make a compromise - if you can negotiate with your employer then nothing like it:cheerio:. (i had to pay around 38k for not serving my 3 month notice period)
2. You have work ex in a bank so it should help you when you apply for fin profiles.
3. It totally depends on the companies, some of them give high weightage to academics others do not.

gud luck for the wait list movement, stay positive cheers...

1) I read somewhere in the thread that the final list comes out after the date of joining the college. Currently i am working and have a one month notice period so it becomes difficult for someone like me to immediately join the college.
So what will MDI do in that case??

2) Currently i have 21 months of work ex. How much of a spoil sport can this play during placements if i want a job in finance??
(work ex details - 19 months in a bank --Wells Fargo and 2 months in Samsung)

3)And how much affect 10th and 12th have during placements??? Cause my 10th and 12th are bad and seeing the changing trend while selecting candidates now a days i wanted to get this question cleared..
I wish MDI allows the candidated to deposit the initial amount throgh online internet banking / credit card/
That will save the time to travel to MDI personally /

Seniors please advise regarding this

you dont have to travel to MDI personally, a speed post or a courier would be enough
soubhg Says
What about the rest 30%? If it is so , then the finl list is going to be a kind of CAT merit list in fact. And if so less wightage is given to GD/PI...I really wonder what is the point of conducting all these!!

This has been discussed in some of the previous posts as well, i'd like to post 1 possible explanation for the last years results

Just for clearing the CAT score and 70% weightage thing for last year.
for 96.91 percentile CAT score was 228/450 and for 99.77 it was 260/450.
Reducing to 70 the scores are 35.5 and 40.5 respectively.
I think work ex should be having at least 5% weight. This gives someone with good work ex a good chance when compared with a fresher of same score.
Now if the guy had a good GD/PI, which had 20% weightage(just assuming, and the rest 5% for acads) he will easily cover a fresher with 99.77 percentile.
Also, if we see almost all the freshers who are in our batch are having very high percentile.
The difference was possibly because of statistical normalization which might be the case this time around too.

dont worry too much, any one who has had a gud gd-pi stands a decent chance

dont worry dude, you wont be disappointed , but the issue is that you might not find enough time to indulge in such stuff (atleast during the first term)

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Chess? There any fanatics (read: fanatics) of chess in the senior batch?