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Online payment portal is still not working. As I am out of my town, I am not able to prepare draft frm other branches. I am bit worried coz only 6 days are left.
Plz suggest me what should I do.

Hi Dude,

Post the same query on SJMSOM FB group.. u will get a quick reply

Here's the link:≈=1
trishap Says
Hi,Where do you get this message? I just wanna know since I have also sent DD

SOM M.MGMT Online Application Form Submission
Hello Siva / Alka,

My application status shows


so I understand that the DD sent by me has been received by SJMSOM, IITB.

Please correct me if wrong.

This can be seen on SOM M.MGMT Online Application Form Submission

i dnt knw if the above BOLD statement is the confirmation that the DD has reached. Seniors should confirm this.

Super thread !

@Rahul_garg, just seen ur blog. post more man.

im a beginner. Planning to join some institute for classes. I want to learn a lot..ur blog seems very interesting.. basics ..yea i mean !

Post more on ur blog.


A query,

in the letter of acceptance, what are we supposed to fill in the online transaction id ??

Online Transaction Details:
Online Transaction ID:

It is available in the Joining documents link

By now you should have received an email

Yea got the mail. And thanks to you man. gr8 help right from the start of the admissions. And thanks to all the seniors at IIT-B for the crystalizing help all thru out!
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Bullet123 Says
dude congrats:cheerio::cheerio: two of us made to IITB from same group we had a very long chat while waiting for our PI turn:)

yes yes, i remember you by face now.. name ??
btw congrats bro !
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Im in for IIT-B

Thanks puys for help in here !

satish/prem? want to hear from you guys.

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Im in

When will the admission team send the offer mail?

helloneil Says
How far is the IIT campus from MUMBAI CENTRAL RAILWAY station...? Will I get a direct auto or taxi to IIT Bombay from MUMBAI CENTRAL railway station??If yes,please tell me a rough idea about how much dey might charge me....

Check out these links for the info bro..

How to reach IIT Bombay
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