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Forgot to update here. I'm not in @ 96.80

OA: 96.80
QA&DI;: 96.51
VA&LR;: 92.40

All the best to Call getters! Make sure you rock the GDPIs (and everyone gets selected )

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Pity. I've got the mail but I'm not eligible lol

(Poor Acads :P)

Not in :banghead:
I think acads played the spoilsport

3 IITs rejected. Seeing the emphasis on acads this yr no point going on for CAT next yr .
No one knows next yr even new IIMs will shortlist based on acads.

Bhai log , Is there any provision to reappear for 10th and 12th board ??

OA: 97.61
QA : 93.4
VA: 98.14

10th ; 87.6
12th : 79.5
Grad: 78.3

tech fest, cultural fest , concert organiser , club head etc.
22 month workex

P.S :: May god give long life to Vijai Mallya and few investors to Kingfisher. :drinking: acads:

10: 63.4
12: 67
Grad: 70

Seems I won't ever get into II(T/M)

Anshuman, I'll give you company broda :cheers:

Not shortlisted @ 96.80

Not in @94.93

I think all IITs except mumbai and delhi, will end up in calling same set of people.

No, KGP is giving weight-age to profile. Kanpur to workex. So cutoffs would vary

Cutoff is surprisingly lower. I thought it to be around 97%ile or higher..

Didnt get call at 96.80

Hi Puys
Did not get calls from Indore or Khozikode at 99.55.... What should I do.... Shall I give my 12th again.... If I wud have studied for 12th more and CAT less in last year it wud not hav made much of a difference I think

me too! (in the same boat but with lesser percentile)

Which other calls do you have?

Seems I won't be able to make it to big guys, ever, seeing rejection of profiles much better than myself. Well nothing can be done for my 10/12 scores now though so probably no chance for me..

CAT index - 48.40
HSC/SSC - 0 (LOL :D)
Grad - 10
Total 58.40 and I'm nowhere near the cutoff...:/

*kidding* I guess they forgot about admissions in 2012-14 batch */kidding*

Regardless, I find it strange for an IIM to release the shortlist after 10 days. I'm not complaining. There must be their reasons for this. But that's just strange..;)

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