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i want know abt ave package of maratha mandir

hello frnds,pls help which one should i give preference to lala second shift or alkesh modi

what was the 4th round cutoff of MET,CHETNA,IES,INDIRA PUNE last year pls heip

hi puys, one of my friend is confuse in cap 3rd which college should he give preference among rajiv gandhi,maratha mandir babasheb gawde,parle tilak,vidylankar,indira in mumbai? his AI marks is 77 & AI rank is 4837 pls help which colg is best 4 him.

hey buddy pls help i am confuse among indira pune,alkesh,lala how should i fill cap 3 according to ranking of these college

hello, i am confused btw lala & indira pune which one is good according to placement & faculty

hi puys, my Q is by how many marks cutoff of indira pune come down in 3rd round bcz my score is 121 ohu whether i get indira in 3rd round or not pls help

i got lala 2nd shift i want to know how is college according to faculty placement & what is diff in 1st & 2nd shift

hi puys pls help i am confuse which clg is better for me my score is 121 gsml 2685 rank clg among alkesh, lala, indira in pune , or thakur

i will probably get lala lajpatrai in 2round should i take admission or try IES in 3round