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Name: Muthu Narayan S
Place: Chennai
Working/Fresher: Working (18 months)
Gender: Male
Stream: BM
Smoking: NO
Drinking: NO
Any other requirements: Near to NM, Good locality, Internet, Prefer vegetarians who dont smoke or drink.. decently spec'd
Budget : 7-9 k

should working people too get the eligibility certificate??

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should working people too get the eligibility certificate??

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Originally Posted by cfa_2k10_lvl1
Hello seniors/puys,

I've query regarding the educational loan:

1) Are there any financial institutions with which NMIMS has tie ups for financing the MBA? if yes, do they provide and discounts on interest rates and with collateral or without collateral?

2) I heard there is some SBI branch near NMIMS which provides loan to NM students? can som1 pls tell me
a) what interest rate they charge and do they provide some discount?
b) what are any other main conditions like collateral etc?
c) what document will i need to bring(I've to come from Delhi) if I want to get it financed from them?
d) in how many days will they sanction the loan?

3) And is it wise to finance the whole tuition fee from bank? I mean will not a loan of 10.32 lacs will become a big burden later on? I just want to know how much general is advised to get financed?

Seniors/Puys pls reply asap.As you know deadline for 3rd list guys is 18th April and it will take me few days to arrange finances.

1. SBI has a tie up. Even HDFC credila seems to have a tie up with NMIMS. Both these banks offer loan upto 10 lakhs without any collateral.
2.a 12%
2.b none
2.c the necessary docs list have been put up in the prev pages by one of the puys.
2.d it differs from 2 days to 2 months. generally it will take between 1 to 2 months.

3. It all depends on your mindset and how much you can afford and how much you want to avail the loan.

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converted BM @ 972 BM rank and 1170 core rank :):)

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had converted in todays list. But not taking it up. so WL for general moves by 1.

converted !!! was at WL -1 @rank39 in general category

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is anyone able to look his merit list status now?? when i selected the link given in website, it lead me to the gd/pi shortlist letter. Was in I WL @rank 39. any idea when ill clear??

abhinit78 Says
Around 10.3 lakhs

Inclusive of the hostel??

Can anyone let me know whats the fees of sibm-Bangalore??