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I too not able to update my DEC mat score. There is no option for Dec 09 Mat.

sme prblm :(
icluding dis dat em pursuing but in expected year of passing graduation em gettin 2009 : inspite of 2010 :

help help help
Hii guys,

i got a composite score of 644.5 wid %ile -- 82.91

i got call letter from amity university.
I have heared itzz fee sturcture iz quite high.

can you please favour me abt alliance, banglore cut off .

iz dere any chance if i apply in dat clg??

and also abt ims gaziabad, iilm gurgaon too.

and ya one more thing

whtz d difference btw pgp and pgdm??

plzz tell about d clgs asap :|

thnks and regards :)

also tell about dere placement packages..
I have got 82.91%tile :(
academics performance is--

Graduation( Final yr)- 68%

plz can anyone tell me sumthng :(
whts d correct answer ??????
7m +5w =1/2

2m+3w = 1/5

solving both we get w=2/55
m = 1/22

when we substitute it in 3m + 10w we get 1/2
so 2 days

hmm thnks
1)2 DAYS

Please let me know the answers

hw dis answr came??

Can u plz tell me dat wht do we need to bring to centre??

Do we need to take this form to cat center??

^^^^ sme here some reply please

4) What about final year student's affidavit?
ans - affidavit typed as per the performa and duly signed by college principal will be sufficient.

What is meant by this