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myself am a student of IIMC 2 cents on this hot potato topic..

Place and location: Blore is certainly a better place to be in regards climate, insti's proximity to city ( matters only on sat nites), and Blore's gen metro ambience.C 's campus does score a point in this case, it's absolutely beautiful. Proximity to business centre mebbe better in blore wit regards software firms but Cal has made som strides in tht too wit CTS and PWC havin major centres here.

Academia and programmes: C's academia in FIN, ECO, SYS, HR and OPR rates gud in my perspective. In marketing they have the programmes taken by hands on people who does it well. HLL and ITC, (wht more can u ask for) Am not makin a comparison here coz lack of personal exp of B's profs. Rating of profs is based on the prof's ability to inspire u to gen a interest in the subject, (rest of the takeaway frm the academia is really up to ur efforts). Programmes C offers the maximum no of electives. period.Programme rigour: slightly higher at B, tht also stands for better prep for mid and end terms coz of higher weightages in C.

Placements nd Industry ratings: Nothin much to differentiate except for more Fin offers in C ( ppl r more here) C is been seen as better performers by industry. All i can say for tht mebbe given the freedom the insti gives it makes better individuals out of the's a personal opinion.

Infra , Life : Hostels classrooms etc, nothin much to differentiate.. Food, has had both, both wil rate adjustable. NET and use of NET for edu and etertainment purpose C wil rate better. Life, cooler at C neday even wit attendance. CLubs and other activities, C has vibrant and active clubs ( adventure, dramatics, entrepreneurship, marketing, consulting, colloquia etc) and guess it must b almost similar @ B. Both hav interschool business fest they can boast of. and constant industry interaction programmes.

Alumni: C has a better connected and larger alumni and the life at C does build a certain comraderie among them tht's quite amazing. B is comin up in it's efforts to engage their alumni in a better way. C also i can assure u is not sitting still over tht,

Bureacracy, PR : This is wht i perceive ( could b wrong) C's faculty take a idealistic view of the process of disseminating education. They sincerely believe that it should not be drawn from tht lofty perch to the ground by using PR etc to market their insti. They do market the MDP programmes to corporates so it's not tht they r totaly averse to marketing. Bureacracy again is a fallover of this feeling but in 2 years at C it really doesnt bother u much.

Insti's offers u certain takeaways namely jobs, knowledge ( or resources for gaining tht), contacts, insights on business, life, skill sets ( both business wise nd gen). But it depends on ur effort and interests wht u take away from it in the 2 years.

Have tried to giv a unbiased view as much as possible. and finally som take on Rankings, dont give in to the numbers game, it's somthin tht mags use to drive their numbers.

hi all,
hi all
congrats on the calls.
somone named "Dumb&Dumber; had left a query in my mssg box. i request him to use the facility suggested by Ajay to clear his doubts.
or u can still mail me at
( iam usin the board coz i cudnt PM him back)
cheerios and crack the iviews...

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hey i ddint know the topic was abt personal ranks thght it was insti ranking and let it go..
wht ant my rank pg?? i got into IIMC as well..only two ppl hr i guess ame and foundation2er

hi neha

the pic seems crystal clear to me....and if u cant make out anythin jus remeber tht u have bee churned out from the same educational system..mebbe thins will be more clearer now...



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abt Faculty and classes u got to aks somone in delhi who knows both but about tests Time's verbal sections are more easier than IMS's. IMS is de best bet coz they follow de absolute standard of CAT and have the max nos of students ritin .Others are gud in particular regions but Ims have a pan india presence. Ofcourse they r not leaders evrywhr.
U can also rite a few test of Time and Career Forums for variety and also newer kinda of questions.It certainly does help.Carrer forum have really tough( irritating is a better word) papers in RC.
In north particularly u can get IMS package for 250 that makes it 1000 for the entire was there about two years bak..dont know abt present situ..


hi all

talkin of movies u ought ot certainly know this
som of them has already been posted but for clarity and emphasis so that ppl dont forget it here goes
!)There is no BHOOT in BHOOT, tanuja is de killer
2)Karena certainly dies in de end of MPKDH.ofcourse it wud have been better if she had done so earleir in de movie fir its own gud
3)and in ANDAAZ( if som1 is really gonna watch it) Lara Dutta is de killer and she doesnt do it with her 'looks'
ohh tht's a load of my mind...
talkin of movie freaks any1 a Fan of "RAJNI' he rules in terms of pure "out of de world" entertainment.....
there r ppl who said if a ordinary actor like Keanu Reeves cud dodge bullets in MAtrix and have ppl call it gud filmin then y cant GOD RAJNI dodge one or two that comes his way

hi ankita

absolutely kewl story..... gr8 show ur puttin up...
keep at it..really njoin it..


thnks schuey,

neways my father already owns a palio which he bht on my institence and he was scoldin me for not selectin a diesel wen de petro prices went i had put my arguments in a similar fashion since i had heard itt long wanted to find out if the arguments still holds true wen the reifnement and tech levels of diesel is goin up...

hi neha,

There is a insti in Chandigarh esp for auto's four yr course..u can search it out on de net..i have seen the insti's advt in Autocar a couple of times..will try to find it and if i get it i will pass it on..

but then de best option for u if ur really inrested is look abroad...`thr's hardly any desinging done in india except for a DC and some others but they r not originals only derivatives...
and thr's a suggetsion, mebbe u can do a general course in designing and then move onto a will keep ur options open...
currently thr's a contest runmiin on for upcomin designers to rub their shoulders with gr8's at Lotus design SChool, Italy provided they win a design contest.u can chk it out...
and on the lighter side , gals and cars???? u ought b kiddin


hi all

who took de iview ,philip???
we had asked kunchu to get u a iview frm manorama??orthodox fella gettin first in cat ..manorama wud b proud...