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finally finally got through.......cant even express how relieved....:)
at 158....
originally 28 in d waitlist den 30 in d wailist now finally converted

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Im already 10 days old in Dalmia :)
Have got through PGDM...i asked nilesh sir till what score have minority students cleared and he said 159....that's quite a good news.

ya definately is but not for the one like me whos on 158 n missed it by one mark...given dis mba thng my 2 years one in final year bms n den a drop...missing it by a mark is jus not sinkin in...;(
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benevolent Says
That's v sad...I may also not make it... I have 159 ...and lost my hopes after the admissions were extended ...would like to thank you for all the help regd affidavit...wish u the best ...try some other decent colleges ...once u get in all that matters is yr instead of wasting time for minority I think it is better to invest time in developing acads by starting to study coz many colleges have already started or u can enroll in some side by side course ...why not aim for highest package in any college rather than aiming for avg in good the end that only matters

thanks.....but pg is like a other mini family where we all r here to help each other, clear our doubts, queries get info n lastly share all our problems as all face d same while being an mba aspirant. so no thanks der..:) :)
n as far as mba is concerned failures r a part of life..dalmiya is d only place i wanted to not takin any coll in cap....i have enrolled for my cfa level 1 in december n got a job as a proprietary trader with a financial firm so better thngs to look forward in life....mostly will take d cfa route now...:)
wish u loads of luck wid whatever you do....:)
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vee_ben Says
im @ 161...i hav no idea wats gonna happen....if all 162's are over then im 3rd in line....damn fed up...just wanna start coll.............

did u get through?
i guess by now u shuld have? any notification from der end..??
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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Prometric, the testing agency entrusted with conducting the Common Admissions Test (CAT) today announced two companies --- MeritTrac Services Pvt Ltd and Everonn Education Ltd --- as its on-ground partners for CAT 2010.
Aditya Agarwal @munna1245

I wuld say a good choice coz have give a couple of computer adaptive test organised by meritrack n dey were glitch free n very well organised. So i guess a good choice.

was probably jast waiting for online study group...
lets hav a study group...

Count me in too....
Der aye par durust aye...Givin l1 in dec.....:) guys lets rock it....
please pm me ur email or fb or any messenger id...we can build on from der..... All d guys from Mumbai.....Join in..:)
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Hi all,

While looking for information on the CET, I came across Are you Eligible for Maharashtra MBA CET 2010 (MAH-MBA MMS-CET 2010) which spoke of the eligibility for seats.

One particular section states this:

2.5 Eligibility Criteria for admissions against seats for NRI/Foreign
National/Foreign Student/ PIO/Children of Indian workers in the Gulf countries:
1. Basic educational qualification as specified in rule no. 2.1.
2. Appeared for GMAT (conducted by GMAC, USA)/CAT (conducted by IIMs)/JMET (conducted by IITs)/MAT(conducted by AIMA conducted in February 2010) /ATMA(conducted by AIMS)/XAT (conducted by XLRI) for seeking admission to MBA/MMS for the academic year 2010-11.

Such candidates are required to appear for the GD Π conducted by the Management of the respective institutes
Appeared for CET conducted by the agency (including Association of all colleges of a particular type in the State) approved by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti, Bandra (E), Mumbai-51 for the academic year 2010-11. Such candidates are required to appear for the GD & PI conducted by the Management of the respective institutes

Appeared for the Common Entrance Test (MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2010), GD & PI conducted by the Competent Authority of the Maharashtra State for the academic year 2010-11.

Note: @ To become eligible for admission the candidate should score 30 or more marks in MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2010 OR equivalent score of 30 marks or more in the All India CET(CAT/JMET/ATMA/XAT/MAT(conducted in February 2010))/in GMAT OR equivalent score of 30 marks or more in the CET conducted by the agency (including Association of all colleges of a particular type in the State).

I am an NRI and wanted to know if I was correct in assuming that GMAT scores could be taken into consideration for admission instead of CET scores. Has anyone ever had GMAT scores converted into equivalent CET scores, especially in regard to admission with JBIMS? If so, what GMAT score would be considered the "equivalent score of 30 marks", and what would be a GMAT score that would be considered good in regard to admission with JBIMS?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Not much Info regarding Gmat Conversion for getting a seat In Jbims...
but sum information tht might help you..
this was the first year where in dte included Cat for all India seats n cat scores where converted to cet scores....
So a person scoring 98.xx%tile in Cat dis tym i guess got around 150 on d maximum side coz i knw a friend wid d same %tile in cat wid gd pi his score(which is out of 34) was i can assume it to be around 150...meaning if one is targeting Jbims wid a cat score he needs to score very very high in cat n tht tooo in 99.xx category coz dis tym the cut of for jb is around 195(Including gd pi n i guess around 165 written) so a converted score reachin tht high needs to be very high percentile in cat...(98.xx Cat = 150, 165 = surely 99.xx tht too higher decimals)
So i guess d same rule applies to gmat too coz Jbims is the best institute under cet and since cat cut off for jb is so high one can surely ecpect if applying through a gmat score it will be high...:)
My assumption here wuld be it shuld easily be over 600 650(Purely an Assumption) but on d basis of cat...
N tht minimum 30 criteria is sumthng u can jus means a minimum score one needs to have to be eligible for d second stage thts is the Gd Pi process...the way cat score was converted, a person shuld have a minimum percentile in cat say 40 or 30 watever it is which was equivalent to 30 marks in cet...:)
Hope dis help....
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what's ur w8list no.?
& how many w8listed ones converted it??
i doubt if any1 between 163 & 170 will cancel their admission..

i would say... just don't wait for further clearance & look for other options or try nxt yr...
if it gets converted later on, then gr88 ;)

yup cant afford to waste more tym...dis cet process has already eaten up 5 months..anyways thanks a lot
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hey nilesh sir told me that for me thr r no chances for getting in dalmia..some students who hav scored 162 r on waitng list,sir just told them in advance that they will surely get its nt at all possible for me to get thru...feeling very bad.. :(

I also think so abt my chances..jus saw d Cap list jus 17 open category seats left in dalmiya....wats ur score?
edited post: Jus called same thng told to me no chance at 158...:( dis is heartbreaking...
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t-shirts/tops are not allowed rest one can wear anything called decent..there is no restriction on jeans.

was this year reasoning section removed from cet dude?

Welcome all to N L Dalmia

haha...i laughed out on tht second post of urs.....
reasoning was very much in place n d dude said he still made it to NL....
dude dis is d problem..No Sectionals in Cet...:) jus kiddin..:P