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result season started with missint IIFT call by 0.23 marks, and IRMA by 1 %tile in Analytical reasoning section and now it has ended with missing SCMHRD by 2.5 Marks...y does this have to be agonisingly close for me...someone upthere also doesnt want me to go for MBA

man yesterday when i was expecting a result i got a congratulatory sms from SIBM_P
today when again i was expecting it i got a congratulary sms from IIt Kgp .

any results related SMSes i have recieved this season are from IRMA, that too were regret....

someone predict 106 give and take 2 there..plz

jaanekyahoga Says
Im getting a page not found error when i click on the gd / pi shortlist link

they may have blocked the link before uploading anything...unlike IIM/Prometric's dummy(acc to them) score testing

looking at SIIB cut off i dont think i stand a chance at 106.5 but still i dont know why i am refreshing this page....

UNAVOIDABLE REASON: letz c wot cn dat probably be:

aakhir problem ho kya sakti hai?
1. criteria hi decide nahi hua ab tak..
2. criteria decide ho gaya par list nahi bani
3. list ban gayi hai par upload karne wala banda chutti par hai
4. uska backup aaj half day lekar pehle hi nikal gaya
5. upload karne wala yantra kharaab ho gaya hai
AAkhir maajra hai kya??

that seemed to copied from IIM-I shortlist discussions

this was something from pages of history....

of course modern history...CAT 2009...results getting delayed at the last moment

Dalmiamu Says
dont worry ppl ... all of u can log off...the results have been delayed by two days ....

and who said this?
donatusm Says
Kaha likha hai website pe???

bottom left corner
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singla9007 Says
because i havent got any reply yet and yours was something related to differentr scenario

not getting a reply doesnt mean you have to post it again and could turn your query ito SPAM..