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I had sent my draft on 20th..
The speed post tracker shows that it has reached Rau Pithampur on 23rd..
I confirmed from the admissions office and they said they haven't received my draft and have asked me to contact again at 4 pm..
M worried!!

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I am sending my draft today.
Is it only the offer acceptance and draft that we have to send...?
juz confirming!!

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Please explain the procedure of the waitlist movement .How and when will the waitlisted people be informed and when are we supposed to pay the fee.Is the waitlist movement updated on the site?

first convert of the season!!

anksgupta Says
Did you got the mail or got rescheduled over the phone?

I had sent a mail and i got a reply that it ws rescheduled to 10th!

finally got it resheduled!!

anksgupta Says
nobody is picking up now. Dunno why they are doing this to me? Did you do something else also except for sending them a mail for rescheduling? Just wondering if I missed something.

same here...nobody is receiving the call..
is thr ny other no. of the office?

i had requested fr a reschedule on 8th or 10th bcz i had vgsom on 9th.they've changed it to 5th.
I have my internals in college on 5th,I have already booked m tickets fr 5th evening.
I 've sent a request again,called the office right now.I was told to call them in morning tomorrow.
what to do now?

can anyone plz tell me the no. of admissions office..
they are nt receiving the calls at IIM I no....

my gd/pi date clashing with VGSOM's GD/pi

9th-IIMI & VGSOM..
How to get my GD/pi date rescheduled to 8th?