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Doesnt the waitlist results come out in March ?!?!

its on ISB's website. ISB - Online Application Portal

On the above link, check the cycle 2 dates to verify.

Ah...thanks !!!
Last day of interview is 6th feb, which mean you have 1st or 2nd Feb to get at interview call. And that is 5 whole days, or just 5 days -- depends on the way you see it. (half full/half empty thing)

I just sense that a few interviews could be sent out by this weekend and they very well could be the last of the lot. All I can say is, all the best. I'm pretty sure that if not ISB, you would get/have got a few admits. Knowing the kind of people who come to this thread, I believe that you all would excel no matter where you are.

Sorry for not addressing the person....and quoting the post.
but yeah ....with reference to this post .

hey....where did you get this piece of Info ???
that the last day of the interviews are on the 6th of Feb ???

Mr. Kutty

I request you to please be my bestestestest friend Jokes apart, wish you all the very best. Do well and if we study together we are friends, you don't have an option :D

totally...anytime !!!

Thankyou soooo much !!! I was very inspired by ur account ! am getting a little jittery...after the initial happiness...
just a few more days to go for my interview !!! yiiikes !

just a lil Miss M.Thomaskutty

first of all Congrats for your call !!! all the best, do well.

Can you pls share your profile. I am from non IT back ground as well hence just curious :)


thankyou !
thankyou so much

so to share :

Industry : Fashion Design
Asst. Designer to Manish Arora since graduation
Head of Pattern/ Silhouette Dept.
Work Ex : 2.5 yrs +

Gmat : Q47/V30...and 5.0

Grad : NIFT, New Delhi - 8.5 CGPA (topper) + scholarships and awards.
Grad : English (H) , Delhi University (1st Div)
Post Grad : M.A.English (pursuing still corresp.)

Extra : Western Music theory : Grade 4 (Trinity College, London)
: Western Classical Guitar Grade 6

Decent recos...from my boss and Dean of NIFT.
Lot of school etc...various positions and offices held.

yup...basically that...
but above all...God has been merciful through it all...what more can i say ???

Phhhheeew !!!


Interview on the 11th of January at 12 in the afternoon !!!

Thankyou so much fellow puys for being there !!!
Best of Luck to all the ppl !!!


Can you pls let us know when did you call adcom, was it today? so that means call can be expected till tomorrow?


I called up the admin today...
She said the calls for Delhi are going out today...tomorrow and the day after...
Till thursday !

So...yes of course.

only thing...yestrday when i had called Mr. Srinath said...till was a bit down at heart there...

But the lady seemed positive....and said uptil thursday !
I personally feel, they wish to chisel off the IT crowd (no offense people) first and then move on to the other profiles.

Let me know your views

hmmm !!

I so hope they look at the other "lesser profiles" fast !!!
As discussed in previous posts. It may be that most of the people active on PG are from IT/Tech. So, you will see only their posts abt i/v invites.

Best of luck.

hmmm...hope so...

* fingers crossed *