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Kumar Abhishek @abhishekjha29
Find the *_correct sentence(s):-_* a.) An improved version of the valves used in Hong Kong were sent to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden last year, Dr Baruah says. b.) The durability of this batch of 90 "third-generation" valves, as Baruah calls them, has been improved enormously . c...
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why should it be enormously improved and not enormously improved ??
debjit bose @debjit26
3\. Pawan and Qureshi working together can do a piece of work in 10 days whereas Qureshi and Rohit working together can do the same work in 12 days. All three work together to do a job for which they are paid Rs. 300. If Qureshi's share is Rs. 140, then what is Pawan's share?
Mahavir Rawat @msr3003
Let the work (in units) done in a day by Pawan,
Qureshi and Rohit be P, Q and R respectively. Let the
total work done be (L.C.M. of 10 and 12) 60 units.
∴P + Q = 6 units and Q + R = 5 units.
Let Pawan's share be Rs. x. So Rohit's share will
Rs. (160 – x).
Ratio of the amount received by Pawan and Qureshi
together to the amount received by Qureshi and Rohit
or x = 100