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din, hafte , mahine.......... aaye or gaye..... but the love with GIM seems to be ever increasing........ bahut hi hectic hafte ke baad aaj time mila hai kuch post karne ka........ GIM keeps buzzing with activity even in the heavy rains...... many are planning to have their inventory of sleep done before the mid terms personally am planning to go along with my "kafe club" partners to various beaches this weekend and to witness the most talk about sunrise spots.......

kaafi clubs ke selection bhi ho gaye hain.... Personally i feel that right people have got into the right clubs (or cells!!!!)...... nice to see the enthusiasm with which people work..... the month till now????.....

yaad rahega....

*woh raat ko 1 baje doston ke sang chai peena.....
*8 30 class ke liye 8 20 ko uthna......
*ET quiz mein Saaj ko harane ki koshish karna.....
*morning view from HT main gate("seriously the best view")
*totally baffled by the cp in the class
*playing tt til morning 3 am....
*randomly entering peoples room to disturb them....
*the bday spanks......
*walk along the riverside and the ride on the ferry

last but not the least , the yaaris and friendship of the seniors and the batchmates........


i used to live in a joint family back and here i feel that really i am at home away from home......

jab shuruat hi aisi hai to sochiye.......... "PICTURE TO ABHI PURI BAAKI HAI......"

***Deepak Singhal***

Kuch lamhe, kuch ehsaas mitaye nahi jate,
Kuch meethe-2 pal bhulaye nahi jate,
kuch nazre khud hi keh jati hai,
Kuch alfaaz sunaye nahi jate.

GIM ka ab tak ka experience has been like a good learning curve. Kabhi apne class me talent dekhta hoon(especially anish, aarti and AB) toh i feel like these guys have finished their MBA long time back and are here just to refresh their memories..... Be it the talent exhibited at the midsummers and the dance movements at butter lounge , it has been an eye opener for a guy like me who comes from the land of rajnikanth(chennai). As u guys would have estimated from jha sahebs posts that there is a bit of work load stress here...... but trust me u can get ample time for sleeping and playing ur favourite sport...... after all as sarita mam puts it across -"u r the future managers, u need to manage ur time".......

Hume ab nind ki talab nahi rahi.
Ab rato ko jagna acha lagta hai.
Mujhe nahi maloom ki neend meri kismat mein hai ki nahi
magar use khuda se mangna acha lagta hai

all said and done......GIM is the place to be....... feeling sad that a nice friend had to leave the insti for better option ........ but i am sure that he ll cherish those 20 days he spent here for a long time to come....... feels great to share the experience with u guys....... keep up the good work........ and "LAGE RAHO ,JHA BHAI"..........hum aapke saath hain.......


hey anish
thanks for the info..... i ll reschedule my tickets after i confirm with the authorities...... by the way when i called up i was said to wait for the official mail for getting any details on admission front.......

anish.indian Says
look..i called up GIM b4 booking tickets and I was told that Refresher classes will start from 12th..confirmation for the same wud be intimated thru mail..they were nt willing2 disclose the dates..but i smhw requested and managed this info...i wud suggest that u too confirm personally...but I am sure and I have booked my tickets I am sayng all this in UTMOST GOOD FAITH...and I see no reason why they wud misguide me....

hey anish,
are you sure about the refresher class dates......??? ..... i have been trying to get some info abt it from GIM and am not getting any apt answer...... like others, i have arranged travel plans so as to reach gim by the 18th....... can you confirm the info once again ???

anish.indian Says
By the way...I guess peopel have forgotten about refresher classes completely..The refresher classes will start from 12 th (Source: Jeniffer Mam) before booking the tickets!!

hey guys,
are the administration at xime refunding the initial deposit of 40 k for those who have declined the offer after payin up the first installment????

hey dude
are you sure about that 403008 thing.... coz as far as i checked out such a pincode does not exist....... while taking the speed or register post they do take spl care of the pin code...... so probably u would have written in 403006 but it seems 403008 now....... but that said and done, will in no way affect the post from reachin where u desired it to be....... so do not get tensed over it.......once i too had written a wrong pin code, while postin it the guy in charge of it told me that the picode was wrong and asked me to change it.....

ps: sometimes we are so much concerned about things that we tend to think all negative....... maybe this jus one of those cases

seniors , fellow converters and fellow waitlisted ppl,,,

plz help me...i have screwed up big time.

1st of all...while sending the DD i sent it via 'registered post' and not speed post.

2ndly i missed out "the admissions office" in the 1st line of the address...

3rdly and most importantly the pin code is 403006 but like a stupid moron i put it as 403008.

so basically a registered post with the below address:

Goa Institute of Management
Ribander- 403008.

guys will this reach on time??? is pin code that important ??
Seniors tell me what should i do ? any damage control required? :unhappy:
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i had this doubt too... gotta book tickets as well..... plus have a holiday plan too.... have to reschedule it depending on the refresher classes...

anish.indian Says
guys..any info about the resfresher classes..? are they gona happen?or are they gona be from 19th onwards only?//

hey its_prasu,
well i sort of understand what you r tryin to say..... well i went through the site of the other colleges discussed here..... though there were some significant differences in placement figures, the recruiter list was more of common....... As very well said that each insti has its own plus and minus...... but when a person feels he has more scope of growth when he is associated with a particular institute , we should respect his decison ...... well thanks for making ur version more pronounced.......

To make you updated..... the issue is not for the students like me who hav jst GIM to get admission in but it was raised by the students who hav really got converted calls of some top notch institutes like IMT-G and MICA and finding difficulty in deciding.
......................We could say that gettin 119 placed in 2 days is achievement for GIM but there is no limit for anything .... so i think they sud decide taking other college's fact n figures into consideration.I think they should not get too much attracted towards GOA and sea beaches and if anyone is ....even if u wont b a part of GIM u could come to GOA anytime and :cheers: with us.Analyse the difference and reach @ a practical and justified decision.
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hey guys
well i m really ignorant about the issues u guys have bought up........ but out of what i could make out from GIM site , the placements were never a issue at GIM........ they placed their 119 students in a matter of 2 days....... there are all leadin consultancy , fmcg, IT companies on its recruitment list........ many companies were unfortunate on catching hold of a GIM'ite....... i wonder why then this discussion is comin up ........ pls enlighten me.......

wotever said, colleges near metros, and places where many companies are there will always get better placements. coz, companies will not want to go to some unknown place when there are good colleges nearby...
hence colleges near industrial areas are always prefered.

but who am i to advice u. take ur own informed decisions. ATB. :)

hey anish
well the post is not always acknowledged as delivered...... but it the detailed movement will indicate the movement of ur article...... All major towns and cities are covered under speed post so is ribandar..... I have sent more than 30 applications during this mba season through speed post and not even one is ever missed or delayed....... indian speed post is the best........ so be rest assured that our money is passsin through the safest channels.......

anish.indian Says
hey, did you send by SPEED POST? If so, then how did you track its status? Do the post office guys tell you this?
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