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Well.... they all sail in the same boat.... Itz your own efforts which are gonna count the most... So... settle for the one which is closest to your house and is most cost effective....

BTW.... Manhattan Review and Princeton are the best !

Hi Summet - It will be a big help, if you can plz forward them (manhattan gmat pdfs) to me... thx a ton in advance.

hey sathya...

Satyam is a far better place than accenture.... as per your requirements are concerned..

Actually these two companies follow two absolutely different philosophies..

Satyam recruits guys and sends them abroad on both development and maintenance projects... where as Accenture brings projects in India and guys are required to work on them from India only.. so no onsite oppurtunities.. more over Accenture has all application maintenance work goin on from India...

Hope u have got the clue..:satisfie:


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