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One of the worst experiences ever.This time i was a little late in booking the slot and when i went to book my slot,the place where i normally give AIMCATS (jodhpur park)was filled up,so i booked the slot in TIME NEW ALIPORE...Went to this particular center for the first time,there are only two computers side by side ,and its not even a room,a curtain in hanged on one side and other two sides are sealed off by wooden barricades,which are in no way soundproof,and there was a VA class going on in an adjacent classroom,students and faculty were debating among themselves,and in another adjacent room the receptionists were attending students,each and every word they spoke can be heard very clearly .Was not able to concentrate at a stretch for a few minutes even...somehow did section 1,and then submitted the paper.Very very frustrating.:banghead::banghead:

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section I- 8R 8W -16
section II-18R 4W-50


absolutely the reverse of what happens everytime!

section I- 76.28%ile :banghead:
section II-98.68%ile
OA-95.59 %ile
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selecting the absolute 10(maybe a little more ) favourite movies is a mammoth task.
in no particular order

Taxi Driver-Martin Scorsese
A Clockwork Orange-Stanley Kubrick
Apocalypse Now-Francis Ford Coppola
Stalker-Andriey Tarkovsky
Pulp Fiction-Quentin Tarantino
Jana Aranya-Satyajit Ray
Dreams-Akira Kurosawa
The Big Lebowski-The Coen brothers
Dr Strangelove-Stanley Kubrick
The Prestige-Christopher Nolan
Requiem For A Dream-Darren Aronofsky
Cache-Micheal Haneke
Spring,summer,fall,winter and spring-Kim ki duk
there will be blood-Paul Thomas Anderson
Psycho-Alfred Hitchcock
The Godfather-Francis Ford Coppola
Battleship Potemkin-sergiey eisentien

rishi1415 Says
me too...just love aronofsky.ellen burstyn was awe-inspiring in this.and the soundtrack is the most haunting thing i have ever heard.i remember being really depressed when i watched i first 5 years ago.gets better everytime i see least that monologue by ellen burnstyn when she is talking to her son.

yes absolutely.the movie is very grim,probably one of the most grim movies ever made,and also manages to convey a very serious message across to the viewers.
Clint Mansell's score is a masterpiece,and has been used in many movies since then .
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Requiem for a dream

Requiem for a dream is one of the most technically brilliant movies i have seen,made on a comparatively meager budget of only 4.5 million,it manages to incorporate a huge amount of filmmaking and editing techniques. From montages of macro shots cut very fast ,to a fisheye timelapse of a party it uses almost every possible technique known to filmmakers and with precise artistic mastery.The brilliant rotating camera scene has since become iconic in movies relating to drugs and hallucination.Then one cannot ignore the split screen editing technique ,shot and edited very precisely under the master eye of Aronofsky.Other notable techniques used are the long takes which follows the protagonists moving fast,each very well taken shots on its own rights ,also brilliantly crafted.The Clint Mansell background score's intensity varies with the pace of the cuts .Arguably the best background score in modern cinema.

Leaving aside the technical jargon,this movie manages to affect the viewer at a subconscious level.How the seasons are correlated with the the fall and rises of the protagonists lives.It is very easy to categorize this movie as a 'drug' movie,but on thinking deeply it is not.It does not glorify drug addiction,it condemns it,and it manages to do so very successfully.The raw power of this movie is such that it may even compel a hardened drug addict to give it up.Aronofsky starts the story on a normal manner,there seemed to be glow of positivity around the characters till about one third of the film.Then the lives of the four protagonists begins to fall apart in the worst possible way ,finally culminating in a tragic ending.The role of Sara Goldfarb ,the mother of Harry is addicted to slimming pills,whereas her son is a hardened drug addict and dealer.They are both addicts in their own way and both their lives fall apart .Harry's girlfriend Marion played by Jennifer Connely is very impressive to say the least.Her character manages to attract a huge amount of sympathy from the audience.

Aronofsky has made four other films other than this ,the recent ones on much bigger budgets,but for a director who has Requiem For a Dream in his resume ,its very difficult to surpass it.Its a modern classic!

PS-this was my 3rd view of the movie.I am a huge aronofsky fan .

missed the 1st 7 AIMCATS..luckily started AIMCATs just when the new pattern was introduced

No. __________%ile__________ AIR __________Cutoffs not cleared

1213 _______ 75.44_________6177___________ both
1212________94.48_________ 1411____________ none

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OMG you posted the same thing 6 times

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1st section : 11 correct, 7 wrong - 26
2nd section: 16 correct, 6 worng - 42
will i clear the sectional cut-offs ?

yes i think so!
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Hi Puys,

I have a general query regarding the NON IV Tests as AIMCAT1211 is going to be my first one . When i registered for AIMCAT1211, I got a mail saying I will get the test link half an hour before the test begins. Do I get this link by mail itself?


you will get the link to the test half an hour before your test starts on your time student homepage
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+8 for me too,really happy :D
percentile jumped 3 points to 94.48

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