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Hey guys!

Seems long time since i managed to browse this place :)

going back to summers, Urs truly got thru ITC (had an offer with ABN Amro as well, but Fin sounds lil scary)


Best of Luck to PG Junta (both old and new)

May the force be with you!


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Sorry for taking this long (PG must have cursed me hazaar times I know) junta
Its been a month since i posted anything at this forum, and it is no coincidence that
I have been at FMS for exactly one month. Almost all the BSkoolers from PG
started a thread on their BSkool some 20 days back so i feel doubly sorry about taking this
long to get back.
Well lets get started on what we did for last 30 days:

Induction :

We are a batch of 90 people (and there are 9 "foreign" students) as well. On 2nd July we were
made to assemble in a hall which is humid enough to classify as a torture cell, its no comfort that this is the same hall which is used for classroom purposes.
Surprisingly Second year Junta is having classes in cooler confines of an AC hall one floor below us.
Induction went smoothly with every faculty welcoming us and reminding us that we are here to change the face of FMS (they have been waiting for long i guess)
Second years took charge from then for next 3 weeks as our schedules turned into 8 to 10 slot with gyan sessions going late into night.
Things which happened during these weeks were

1) presentations by all Socs
2) Quiz by Mark Soc (which urs truly won by hansom margin)
3) Book Presentation (oops I did it again)
4) Stock Index Simulation (badly beaten, but a friend made a record)
and finally a Party at place which although was not great but we managed to enjoy a lot.

Academics :

Faculty minced no words and started on with their work very quickly, cant really comment on faculty since its still early days. Am actually amazed at kind of experience these guys have with them.

Infrastructure :

Not great but not bad either, comps are available if u jus happen to be there at non rush hour
normal wait time is 10 -15 mins in rush hour and speed is decent.

Hostel :
Its actually quite good contary to my expectations, second years ensure that they get the best rooms upstairs (single occupancy and stuff)

News from Placement :

FMS bagged 3 PPOs from COKE (4 had summers this year) and i think this is best performance as far as Coke in Bskools is concerned this year

Okie its 1 am now, time for me to get going on Economics submission tomorrow.
Hasta La vista


Ps I am back.
PPs Sorry again

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and wat exactly do u mean by a one-liner????

Good Question, lets see how to get this atribute
System.out.println( ("Name","Anil").getAveragePostLength())

catch (Exception AnilWillNotReplyToThis)
System.out.println("Is he down with Dysentry")

System Console shows : 1.000000001

Remarks: Me thinks this value is slightly more than 1 due to presence of Mista Green in his post


Ps Cudnt help it, I might not be coding for a long time to come
PPs Hey PG guess what , I am thinking of making a php board on college/hostel LAN (how abt IIS+mySQL combo coz Access might dunk right???)
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Praajee why differential treatment for a poor BSkooler here
No update on Ranks for me


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Name : Amit Kumar

B-School : FMS (MBA, Class of 2005)
Work Experience : Infosys Technologies (Engg Services)(24 Months)
Area of Work : Business Process Modelling Tools
UG : BE (Automation) from DIT (now known as NSIT Delhi University)
Schooling : Mira Model School , Janak Puri, Delhi

Born in : Delhi
Native Place : Amritsar
Now in : Bangalore
Soon to be in : Delhi
Interests : Sci fi , Quizzing, Greek Mythology, Psephology, Music

NIFT - Delhi hmm a touchy subject coz i have fond memories of that place owing to its proximity to my house where i lived earlier


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So, guys at IIMA, better watch out before u decide to rag a fresher - for all u know he might turn out to be a cop, and a powerful one at that!

Most importantly spare a thought for guys joining next year

I can see PG Praajee being spanked on his butt for riding his Aquila thru Vastrapur campus


Ps If i am not wrong there was one IAS guy too last year in ISB, who is joining one of the BIG 3 (or whateva remained of them).
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I loved Neo's first fight with copies of Agents.

They call it "Burly Brawl"

If WIRED (as in the Magazine) is to be believed, its the farthest F/x has gone to imitate this real world

Btw Dont tell me Trinity that u have seen MR on CD/DVD , coz thats a scam with a capital S


Ps for all the junta who thinks/believes we are living in Matrix as of now, check out

PPs Am looking forward to 13th June
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Xman praaji I have already broadened my "vision" by being outta my home town for last 2 years

May be its time to narrow down the aperture and focus on babes in DU

And to put the record straight I like to have my grapes, sour


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