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hii guys , got selected in the uco bank po 2nd list.
could you guys who are working as po or in uco bank po(from the first list) can shed any light on your experience.
will be very greatful for your reply and guidence.

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i have lost my class 10th marksheet and passcertificate, and 12th transfer certificate...
so can i bring the attested photocopy in GD/PI and submitt the duplicate during admission,, because it'll take time to get a duplicate from the board...
plz help....

They are pretty strict about the availability of original documents at the time of admission. what you can do is to drop them an email asking for clarification.i don't think that they will entertain attested photocopies.but give it a try.
kritigup Says
one query...sorry if i sound stupid... the site says we have to select a topic at random for micropresentation... they have listed 75 topics..but the question is will WE be able to select a topic of our choice of they will be giving a topic to us from those 75 mentioned..please clarify this

They will give you a topic out of the 75 topics listed and you have to give the oral presentation for 90+ seconds. it will be given randomly and you will be given around 2 mins to prepare.
neeraj chand Says
Will everyone having a composite score of 600+, be called for GD and other selection process? My score is 610.i applied, will i be called for GD?

yes, if your documents are correct and complete, you will be called for the gd/micropresentation process.
I got selected for the main campus today..
Please tell me how to confirm for the admission. What should i write in the subject line of the mail and what confirmation details should i provide in that??

Some more queries.. what is the time limit to submit the fees?

And the most important thing, in my e-admission card its written "You need to confirm the admission by sending an email within 3 working days or on/before April 21, 2011."
Why they are writing this in my admission card? I got my result today only. I was in the waiting list till now.. Will this be an issue? Is there anyone else who is having the same problem??
Please help me..... I am worried...

same selected for the kengeri campus.
don't know what to do but i have sent them a mail.
Puruu Says
Hi Seniors, Can you plz tell us how is the placement of Lean, Systems and Operations.Is it worth taking.Thanks..

i made it in the second list to the kengeri campus.

anyone else got it.
kindly post
creepycake Says
stop crying. The way you are crying, you have no right to become the future manager. First get your attitude right, then think about MBA. Stupid Kids. And do you even have any proof to support your facts? No. Then either behave yourself or stop posting. Crying like a girl.

whatever he is saying is absolutely correct and he is not crying .
he is presenting the real picture and what do you expect when you spend 5 thousand rupees for nothing.jims didn't had any seats left and they played along to get a thousand bucks for free.
and bhayia creepcake.
wait till you get the same treatment from someone and then put up the brave stupid face you are putting up here.

jims do not value merit and i am so sure about it.

how is the rmm course?

hi puys.'
i have given the 25000 for itm warangal today in patna.
plz help me by giving information about this college?