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he or for that matter us (incl me) have stopped attending meets way before you even joined PG check out previous years Delhi / B'lore / Chennai meet threads

UtsavGambhir Says
He hasnt attended a PG meet yet :biggrin:
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Mr. Adi Cool, i thought u said u are too old to go to a PG meet, ab kya hua :sneaky:

My Dear peoples of the PaGaLGuY Delhi. I am back!

Well, considering most of you wouldn't even know who I am, I would just like to request, "please please let me attend the next PG meet?" :grin:
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Who all are coming for the Delhi gig ?

I guess going back to the CBSE books will take up lot of your time, probably, before doing that, you can take a look at the books from IMS(the CAT material). The books are brief, structured and cover all the topics almost from scratch. Another book is Arun Sharma.
I would suggest you to have a look at the available options, some books work well for some and not for others, there's no best way for all, it just has to be the best way for you !!

Would it be suitable to read thru CAT material when we know the level of GMAT quants is far lower than what you get in CAT ?? and again m not sure about how the modules of IMS are designed, whether they give u a clarity about the concept or just take u thru the formula and get cracking on the questions.. not looking for latter !!

This question might sound stupid to some of the people who post on this thread.. I'm planning to take GMAT somewhere in this year end..Just want to know which books should i refer to brush up my quant..Basic stuff..some people have suggested to buy CBSE 9th/10th standard books..Could junta throwsome light on this please !!

Dear All,

I am CA.I would like to pursue career in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Please guide me whether CFA degree can help me in getting into M& A jobs

Waiting for opinions


I have my doubts on whether CFA will be an appropirate degree to get into Transaction Advisory. CFA is more related to Portfolio management, alternative investments.. Though there is no pre-requisite degree to get into Transaction advisory, a MBA degree would be more suitable to get such profiles.

Again, TAS (particularly for a CA) can be divided into 3..Lead Advisory , Transaction tax and due diligence services. Again u shud look at wat profile u are looking for. If ur keen on the latter 2 u dont need any other degree and only CA shud be enuff, and if ur looking for LA then an MBA is the best option.

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Okay People!
I will be moving back to Ludhiana on the 9th of July for a couple of months before I fly out.

I will try to rope in as many oldies as I can, and I would love for all of you to be there, for this meet.

Another Legend from Delhi PG moving out. Give him a good farewell u guys
Now the next time when i come to Delhi meet there will be no one whom i would have already met :banghead: except kabhi aata nahi :p

puys/pirls .. baat pe gaur kiya jaye....

Good lord, whats this now :shocked::wow:..i have to really catchup on Delhi thread..we have smthing called pirls (better wud have been pearls ) :biggrin:

Neways..Dying to come to Delhi..hope can have a visit soon..u guys enjoy



God is in town and u guys havent had any meet..sad :|


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same reply:
1. Take some certifications. Finitiatives, NCFM, etc. Finitiatives certifications are endorsed by HDFC, axis bank etc.
2. you can go to investopedia and read from their articles.

please go thru earlier posts before posting..

Dont know why you are endorsing these certifications. No doubt they add value but they arent solution to each n every problem. The guy just wants to understand basic finance before taking up MBA in fin

@ Ajeet - Just talk to some seniors from your college. Get to know about the subjects & if possible just get hold some basic books on Fin (accounting etc etc) and read through them. As such coz major junta joining any college is basically from science / engineering background so u need not worry, they go through all basics (i hope) and ull definitely be able to catchup

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