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Will Do.

But can the moderator take the onus of asking a few Pagal Guys who are currently in varied Bschools to please post the dates - based on their experience last yr or the years before that.


Last year for IIMB:

Results announced: April 8th
Fees to be paid: May 9th
Waitlist cleared: May 10th
Reporting date: June 27th
Session started: June 28th
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The person giving me recommendation has inadvertantly written his details in the place where I should have written it. Can I blank that out with white ink or something and write my own details??
Is it absolutely mandatory to have all the 3 recos??

The same thing had happened with 1 of my recos. I did the same thing (erased with white ink) and written my contact details. So I dont think its too much of a problem.
And yes, it is essential to get all 3 recos.
anupthomas Says
It has to be mother tongue. Medium of instruction is English for the vast majority of people out here, so it doesn't make sense to ask this question from that prespective.

No, it is the medium of instruction.
here are some of my querries

1. Even thou there have been a lot of ques abt reco but could some one clarify what weightage does it carry?

2. I can get a very gud reco from ppl in lower middle mgmt in my company but I'm not absolutely sure if someone at a higher level will give me the best of recos (it shld be gud but am not absolutely sure), so wat do you suggest where shld i take it from?

3. I'm taking a reco from my insti, not an academic one, but from my hostel's warden (He's an asst. prof in a diff dept, but i was a hall president, and have worked with him quite closely) do u suggest i should rather go for a reco from someone who taught me instead (not very sure if i'll get something gud from there)

1. Dude, how could we possibly know for sure.

2. Lower middle mgmt who can give the better reco.

3. The hostel warden also would do just fine.
A lilliputian doubt!

Do I need to mention the same address I mentioned for CAT? I gave the address where I am staying presently but having faced few hitch, I dont want to take any chance and mention my permanent address.

Yes that is perfectly fine (Mention your permanent address)
I have 13 months work-ex till 31 Dec, 2005. Its very difficult for me to go to the place where I did engg. In my company, I know only two persons well, my PM who has just been promoted from PL and the person who was PM before.

I am facing difficulty from where to get 3rd reco. Is it ok if I get from any senior? Or can I manage with 2 recos?

There is NO WAY you can do with only 2 recos. If there is a senior person who knows you well enough to give a reco, that will do. As an alternative, try getting a reco from the place where you did any project/internship (if thats more accessible than your engg college).
Seems i m also in the same boat.
Have my PI for B on 6th April.
Will be coming to India in Feb for L Interview.
Will come back to US again and see if my company lets me
go back for B Interview.


I feel this counts as a "genuine reason" for rescheduling an interview.
In my batch, there's a guy who had to fly down from Singapore for his interview and he got his B interview rescheduled so that he could finish all his IIM interviews with just 1 trip to India. Since your case is similar, you could try getting your interview rescheduled.

PS: 1 problem that I can already see with this is that IIMB interviews start much later than IIML interviews so it may not be practical to reschedule the interview, but its worth a shot.
Hi Monkee,

Quick question - I haven't received the courier as yet, but would like to know how many months of salary slips do you need to submit?

I have 24 months in one followed by 8 in my present firm.

Thanks in advance.

You must have been given a work-ex certificate and relieving letter when you quit your first job right. Use that to justify the first 24 months. Use your joining letter (in the 2nd company) and the latest salary slips for the last 8 months.
Thanx for the good work monkee, praveen and the rest of the IIM guys..:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Enough cant be said about the good work you guys are doin to help us.

Also, was wonderin if gettin recos done by impressive names(like some well known profs or some other tech guru) could help if they've actually not taught or employed me.. From some source. Or is it just too wrong to be doin such things??

Does this famous prof know you well enough? Remember that the reco letter asks for how long and in what capacity the person knows you. If there is a strong enough answer that can be put in there, and if the reco is a good one, fair enough.
Otherwise, such a reco would not make any difference purely on basis of the fact that it is given by a famous person. Also, if the prof notices the reco during the interview (keep in mind that the reco letters and form would all be available to the panelists during your interview), he might ask how this person knows you.
Hi.. Sorry for posting this on this thread.. But can sometime tell me when the IIM-B site will be up????
Been trying to access it eversince the call lists were out..

Huh? It went down for a couple of hours on that day and has been okay ever since!!!