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can i have look at this year's cutoff list for the dte colleges? (i am pursuing my mms from mumbai univ..just curious about my college's cutoffs!)

What is MET's management fest is called? When it is held? I intend to participate...(not only MET about other colleges of mumbai as well..) so how to keep track of competitions and fests?

guys, pls post about your college's fests and competitions..

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The Sanskrit name thing is nice. Can relate.

@ashutoshmahire said:
Guys Pleaaase Help....I have got MET in cap round 3 yesterday today i hd gone to MET...
I am from SC category...and they have given me open cap round in MET they say that i have to pay open category what to do,...please someone tell me...i have been alloted in the CAP round why cant i get fees concession in MET...for SC category...please help me...
dude. they are right.
you have secured in 3rd - counselling round. in which all seats are treated as general category seats..yes GENERAL category..
if you had secured in CAP 1,2 then you would have gotten the concession..
@ankurbhadra said: @monarque formality??means not worth filling??
C'mon guys we all know it.
lets just not discuss same thing again. blatantly admin lady told me about donation and all yeah, formality in that sense.
since they will selling those seats..Almost nil chances of getting thru it IMHO.

Looks like, number of people are more than that of last year..
because according to trend, there should be ppl with 94 score should have been in a very first morng batch at day 1.

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@ankurbhadra said:

@mms12 thanks a lot one more thing what are the documents needed on that day??

no docs needed...forms are free too!
since we know how it is just a formality!

for admission they will consider state rank or University rank?
If I am Mumbai university graduate student and want admission in Mumbai University's bschool (as in MMS) then?

@p11aug said:

guyz i got MET want to go for cap-3shud i do dat ??

You now cant participate in CAP3...Try for PGDM seats..Thakur,Francis,Rizvi etc..