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Hi All,

All the best to everyone for their preparation.

I am looking to buy/borrow OG 11. Can anyone lend/sell OG11 to me.
Please PM me.

For people from the non-enineering background, I would suggest to go thru Quant by R.S. Aggarwal ... the concepts are really explained well and enough practice questions too.

Are any of you guys aware of any private GMAT tutors in Mumbai; just to concentrate on our individual weak areas? and how much do they charge?

Meenakshi Varma Says
Hey monalgmat and gmatknight.. plz also let us know if der is anything like tht coming to mumbai which reachnagraj may have mentioned..

Hi, reachnagraj mentioned that there would be some crash course in mumbai sometime in may and june....
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There is lot of stuff on GMAT Preparation Guide. I have'nt had a look at it completely but looks very useful.

Hi Monal
You have taken the right approach. Its important to meet like minded people from time to time and get insights at what is happening. For your profile, imho, you should not go for a regular course. You should rather focus on something like a bootcamp or crash course. Suggest that you PM psychodementia or reachnagraj as they have a lot of insight on GMAT Prep. psychodementia himself conducts bootcamps in Bangalore and reachnagraj has access to a coach who conducts such programs in Pune. I remember nagraj telling me that something of that sort is coming soon to Mumbai as well....

Thanks gmatknight. will get in touch with psychodementia or reachnagraj ..... Any idea if I were to go for a regular GMAT training institute, what would be my best bet in Mumbai?

Hi All,
This is Monal. I live in Mulund. I have abt 7 yrs experience and am planning to take GMAT by end of Aug. Since there has been a considerable time since I have actually studied, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to join some preparatory course; just to keep me focused. Please let me know your thoughts on that. I am targeting 730+.
I intent to pursue Executive MBA from a good institute in India. I am not applying for foreign schools. I suggest it would be a good idea to meet up soon so that we can discuss further in person and check out possibilities to study certain topics or chapters depending on our strengths and weaknesses. What say guys?

Is anyone aware about a gmat 2009 study group in mumbai.