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My name's Mohnish, I've already taken cat this year and I've done fairly well, but didnt perform up to my expectations(will definitely get above 96%ile though)
I'm aiming for the 100th percentile in CAT 2012.
I haven't started preparing yet, I'll start once the results are out in january....till then I'm just going to kick back and relax.
Books: Anything and everything i can lay my hands on(including newspapers and magazines)
Institute Joined: Planning to join TIME or IMS crash course in the final 2-3 months, once I'm done and fully satisfied with my own preparation.
Number of hours: I dont plan to keep count of it.
Weak section/Strong section: Nothing as such....moderate in everything
Institutes I wish to apply to: Top 20
Institutes I want to get into: Top 3

My profile is as follows
Xth-76% (cbse)
XIIth-60% (state board)
BE-79% (so far)
No work experience

What percentile should i get in CAT to get into IIT-D or IIT-B?

suppose A sits two places away from B, does that mean there are 2 people sitting between A and B or only 1?

also is there any other way this can be said?

does section 2 start immediately after section 1 or do we get at least a few seconds break(i.e. is there something like "click here to continue"?)

how many numbers abcde can be formed using the digits 1-9 such that a

i guess since 8 and 21 are coprime, the value of n has to be 21 so as to make 8n/21 an interger
whats the answer????

for n any intiger n= minus infinite
for n whole no n=0
for n positive integer 21 should be in the numerator
ad 8 does not have any of 3 or 7 so n ust have 3 and 7
so min value of n =21

yeah it is 21....stupid time aimcat answer said n=8

how do you find the minimum integral value n for 8n/21 to be an integer?

there are n players and each player plays against m other players then how do you calculate the total number of matches played?

Ok i know MDI is very well reputed institute and has great campus, industry interface, alumni network, faculty and exceptional placement record......but what i really want to know is- what makes this institute stand out from the rest of the top b-schools?

I'd be grateful if any of the seniors could provide me with an answer.

One small query
the overall pass percentage of a class: o
pass percentage of boys: b
pass percentage of girls: g
then what is the procedure to find the percentage of boys or girls in the class?