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Definitely TISS....I have some friends from TISS social services and they are doing just fine from both monetary & job profile point of view. Few friends are into BAIF, Save Child Foundation, Pradhan etc. However I would suggest you to make your decision depending on what career path you are looking for a long run. All the best mate .

tiss any day

siib ab or nibm wats a better choice

hi pankaj
i think v were in same batch for GD & PI :o
5th Feb 11:30 am
4ppl. 3 guys n 1 gal.

have u been selected?

I hv a few question regarding ssbm.
How much money will we have to pay for 1st installment? Its not mentioned in the prospectus I think
When will be the construction work for the new hostel gona be completed??
Are private vechicles allowed inside the colg hostel??
How many seats are there in ssbm hostel??
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got into ab looking for ab guys n gals of course . anyone listening

hi can anyone tell me about the roles offered to students who pass out of agri biz course?
what profiles they are being offered in various organisations????????

Hey any knowledge about education loans for SSBM????

Any one from 7th feb morning batches????

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i m in. so who all r there?

any1 with an idea about actual placements n not just the summer placements

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khwabmba Says
nt sure coz sm1 said it is 23rd feb.

hmm a lot of speculations. someone from ssbm can only clarify. links on thier website are not operational too.
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keeping fingers crossed for results. is some1 sure about their release today?

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hi that is what i said nothing mentioned explicitly. if u give a closer look group activity has a factor of work ex. but in case of freshers that has to be removed and automatically the other two will hav more weightage i.e. gd and grp activity
on the other hand factors in individual activity are valid for all , all hav gone through acadaemic phase. now what will be the exact procedure thats not given

braw25 Says
nowhere it is mentioned that they carry unequal weightage. :o
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