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Hi, I have been accepted for 1-year MSc. in Strategy for 2014 intake. Is there anyone else who is joining the same?

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  • Hey nice one. What was your GMAT score and what was your .... 31 Dec '14.
  • Hey please connect... 23 Mar.
Vatsal Singhal @vatsalsinghal29

Hey nice one. What was your GMAT score and what was your GPA?

Ekta Pant @ekta1994

Hey please connect..

Pradeep P @pradeep636
Finally..!! Here comes the failure story (instead of a success one..:P) of a desperate CAT aspirant who fought the game 3 times. I decided to catch the Train back in 2011 when I had no heavy expectations. God was pity an
Mohit Mandal @mohitkm

CAT is not worth the effort mate. My advice is go for GMAT and there are quite a few schools taking GMAT scores such as SPJIMR, XIMB, IMT. Though not better than IIM A,B or C, but I believe SPJIMR is quite comparable and it won't make a huge difference. GMAT will score you according to your performance and none of this normalization bullshit either. It's a challenging exam nonetheless, albeit a smart one. Just wait n watch, very soon CAT will become obsolete as other indian B-schools also start accepting GMAT Scores (Y)

Ravi Sridharan @b0ss
Hi Puys, This thread is just to notify u guys that u need to enter ur cat scores for certain institute even after appling here are a few :- 1) NITIE - update score - also send hard copy within 28 2) SPJAIN - update scores
Mohit Mandal @mohitkm

For some reason I am unable to update my scores on the SP Jain score page. I am trying to update both my CAT and GMAT scores. Every time I update the score and press submit, I get the same blank fields again. Am I missing something here or is there anyone else who is facing the same problem? Can anyone please help with this? I have even tried by updating CAT and GMAT scores, one at a time.

QA&DI; - 82.56,VA&LR; - 90.36, OA-89.3, GMAT - 720(Q48,V41),12th - 83.00, B.Tech - 7.9 CGPA, 3.5 years work ex in manufacturing industry. What are my chances for SPJain?

Deepak Gopalakrishnan @chuck_gopal
All of Chuck's comics can be seen here!
Mohit Mandal @mohitkm

Indeed the much awaited one for me and am quite sure many more here

Thanks @chuck_gopal
Astha A @astha_a
_Photo credit: comedy_nose ( *UPDATE (12 midnight), March 13, 2013: *CMAT Feb 2013 resultS declared. You can view your results here. *UPDATE (10.00PM) : *SS Mantha, Chairman, AICTE has just told us t
Mohit Mandal @mohitkm

My score is 229..rank 4816(dunno how they give that with some 120 candidates with same score). Wish they had given a percentile. Category- outside state. I don't think I stand a chance for JB or Syd..but still..puchne mein kya jata hai

QA 45.4, VA 77.7, OA 57.65

@deepu & @Anargha yes it would be good to have one slot during the first half of the day,i.e. around 9-10 am, especially for those of us who work in shifts. Because we are going to miss both the slots on some days...
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So almost all top MBA colleges in India (including IIMs) are accepting GMAT scores now for PGDM/PGPM? Is it only for foreign students or also for Indian students?

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Allwin Agnel @pagalguy
Sorry guys, too much traffic. We have to cancel for today. I am really sorry about this. Our architecture is not designed to do 10x traffic. We will be able to fix it in a day or two. We are changing the prep schedules in a few minutes
Mohit Mandal @mohitkm
@pagalguy No need to be sorry! I can't thank you enough for launching the prepathon. Problems & challenges can always be overcome. It's a great effort anyways.