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just finshed reading

"The Calcutta Chromosome" by amitav ghosh
and found it intersting write here about it
its combination of mystery on medical lines....

have to catch train tomorrow, for that i have two books
lined up to pass 16 long hrs in train as i cant sleep in train
1) Freakonomics - but read one good and one bad review about it here, better i should try out myself
2) Stupid white men - i found it intersting enough to bye, if any one has read it pls post

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hey dude,

happy birthday....hope you enjoy at least today @ scmhrd
but i wanna ask only question that

have a blast
i will try to call you up..........

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try this flash games - is really good

hope you will enjoy
.....aaaah memories

Byomkesh Bakshi rocked....

i wud vote for shakti-MAN

on a serious note

Flop show -all the 13 episodes

Buniyaad - a serial used to come on DD long time back on 1947 partition

Neev - another old goldie from DD -was abt life of school students in hostel (plz post if someone remembers it)

Bomkesh bakshi

i remember all of them......neev was superb few years back they started again all these serials again but ..... then suddenly they stopped airing them.....
me searching for CD set of the dectective serial
and a serial called neev and later on similar lines hip hip hurray

happy birthday ha paajienjoy and have a blast.......i literally mean blast
and i will not say any thing controversial its ur b'day yaar


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ticket price at other cinema halls still remains attractive. the halls are spacious and you gets balcony seat for rs.60-80 and back rows 40-60.

just watched a movie last month at Janak, it was a big relief from those pigeon holes named PVR's.

satyam too going the PVR way, and chanakya soon closing down, no place left to watch hollywood flicks within the budget.

mate thats what exactly i said......i dont know which cinema hall are you talking about when u mention those prices 40-60......but here in mumbai i actually see hollywood flicks within the budget i.e. 40-60 and as thread is about delhi....then we should give a thought about APEX cinema ticket prices
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45 bucks!!

o boy.. price increase by factor of 6.... in just 4 years!!

I rem'ber the days when we used to bunk college and go for movies at Priya & Satyam... costed just about 10 bucks for a front seat ticket... but since the onset of multiplexes... ticket prices have sky-rocketed in Delhi... =(

manpreet you ignited old memories......thats what make delhi nostalgic.....and now i think movie business has taken many steps ahead as from Rs.10 to Rs.700 for a movie ticket but essence of movie watching still remains the same....i guess concept of hyperinflation has taken its toll on ticket prices specially that of PVRs.....and new multiplexes are also following same pricing this mean if u wanna watch a good english movie, it will cost you around 100-150 and there is no other option.....oligopoliy economic conditions......
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bhai tujhe kaise bhool sakta hoon...poori del ki pg junta tujhe yaad rakhegi...sabne milke meet ki watt jo lagai thi...


but alls well that ends how is life at your end.......are u involved in any sort of adventure or shall we plan ....... after all communication is key!!!!! and fun.....:)

are you junta again planning delhi meet..... i want to attend the meet specially after knowing that i am popular...for what ever reason....but it always feel nice.....
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good to see that thread is back in action.....another reason increase frequency of logging on to pg........and curtz_imi....looking forward at conversation with u again....i hope u remember me....

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Apart from the usual IPOD ones and the ones from Sony,what all other
MP3 players are avaliable in the market??

Someone having ny idea bout the price/memory/features??

I heard the ones from Creative are a lil bit cheaper and are also quite good..

I am plannin to get one it should have decent enuff storage 1-4 Gb and reasonably priced
Anyone having any ideas??

hey buddy
click on the link below .... and check out the players
pick them as per ur prefrence for features
dont go for the price mention there always find current market prices
Chip India MP3 Review
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