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kamatdrk Says
hi guys, am on WL33. Am able to login only during weekends. So had a query. Just now saw Anirudhs' query that first instalment is due May 4th. Have u ppl got any admission letters /mail from XL? the post office in my area is slightly irregular. So am curious.

We received an email. I know some people are still waiting for it, so XL is probably sending it in batches.
Not sure if any WL got the email or not.
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I am sorry but both these queries are of subjective nature and hence i am unable to prove any objective answer!! It can be YES or NO based on the requirements of the companies coming to campus brought in by the batch placecomm and depending on macro-economic factors of the year.

GMP 2011 2012.

Hey Santanu

I am assuming that even if we are taking part in the campus placement, we are free to look for specific roles/companies etc our self using our networks etc as well. Right ?

XL does not put any restrictions on searching for jobs on their own along with college placements.


Called up XLRI again to find out if letters had been mailed. The guy said that they have not been mailed yet but we shud receive the letters next week.
Today he also mentioned that it will be an email (didnt say if there will be a snail mail also) although last week when I called, I was told very clearly that it would be a snail mail.

So now, dont know what to expect. To make matters worse, I am in US so dont know if they will send to US address or my perm Indian address.

All I can say now is: intehaaa ho gayi .... intezaar ki !!!!

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1. Experience certificate showing your employment start dt and end date preferably with designation
2. Release letter confirming that you are released from the services of the organization.

You must have these things on you for each and every company whose experience you are claiming. XL will give you a couple of months to produce them to GMP office.

GMP 2011 2012.

Thanks for the info Santanu.
I can get the above two from my current company when I leave them (about 6 years exo here).

But before this I worked for a small company for 6 months and dont have any such letters. Infact I think that company got shut down during the recession (was a small 20 ppl types firm).
Any idea if pay stubs and H1b visa docs wud do for this experience ?

Duplicate post

Dulplicate post


Do you guys know what all info/documents are needed from your ex employers that we need to submit to XLRI. And also even later on when we join another company post XLRI ?

I work in US for a US company and am not sure what they provide you when u leave the company. I have never worked in India so want to know what it is that companies in India want for paperwork.


Hi All,

Anyone travelling from US to join the program?


I am in US and will be joining the program. Am in Mid-west, close to chicago...

How about you ?
Hello everyone,

Are some facing same problem which I am facing ........

In my company there is three month notice period and I was strcitly told that I won't get a release before that.......Now I am in big dilemma even if I decide to join and do all the fights and don't get a release before that , then I will be at no where......
moroever I will also be loosing money which I will pay as inital deposit?

Could anyonne please advise? Any suggestion at this stage would be a great help...........if someone want can also PM me.............

Guys/ seniors please help me out.........
Thanks SD

How can they refuse to release you ? Isnt there a bond amount or something that you will have to pay if u dont serve your full notice period ? May be talk to a lawyer if needed to see what your options are ....
Nops yaar I dnt have any numbers..!! Website me nahi hai kya koi number??
Ye number us PDF me tha..result wala..!!

Phone: 91-657-398/665 3333 Ext.-3203/3204 Fax: 91-657-2227814 e-mail:

I called on the number frm the PDF doc, 91-657-398 3333, first someone picked up, I asked for GMP admissions and they transferred me there.
The office might be close now, I called ard 3:00 PM ish this afternoon.