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congratesssssssss.... mission_enjoy.
well, i talked to 1st year Mha student. acc to him the only thing wich matters 4 selection is to show how keenly u r intrested to do this course. 1 shd b very well prepared 4 questions from acades.
also regardin the schemes started by govt (like National rural health mission)
social issues regardin Health
little knowlege abt WHO.
this is wht i know as of now.
do let me know if any one has sumthin new.

oh!! thanks radhika ....
well i just went thru few Tiss communities on orkut .. and found that a senior has recommended to read Park n PArk and mestioned one site Express Healthcare

well i say .. lets discuss few of the things like wat r social issues etc. coz it is quite a vast topic as such ..

btw may i knw .. wat r u doing ??
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Hello everyone i too got a call for Health and Hospital Adm.

i dont have a faint idea regarding wat r they going to ask in the PI ??

help needed !!!

include me too in the league !!!!!!!!!!!

ek aur pagal added !!!!!!!!!!

Preetu here !TISS / CAT 2008 aspirant !!

Hi to all Pagal junta !!,
adding to all the existing pagals ....am another pagal added----------- Preetu Mishra pursuing my masters degree in Public Health Nutrition and a CAT 2007 aspirant.

best of luck to everybody!!!!!!!!!!