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@sushantvit : Hello Sushant. Could you throw some light on the 'boarding expenses' and 'mess charges of Rs. 3000', that are seperate from the total fees ? Actually my bank wants me to be clear whether these are seperate, as stated in the letter and if yes, then what's the nature of the said charges.
@tuhin.sarkar : I guess your query is answered.

I don't know how but hope that this post might be of some help to the puys who will not be able to join IRMA this year.
This was my second attempt at cracking IRMA. I appeared for the entrance in 2011, scored 96 percentile, had a fabulous GA, was grilled like hell in the PI because (a) I was underprepared, (b) The panel was hell-bent on grilling me. End result: I got a cumulative score of '20' in the final result. Shocked and desperate, I shot a query to the admissions office which explained to me succinctly about the normalization process adopted for the final results. But we all know, nothing matters after such a debacle.
Anyways, I gathered myself again and went through the whole process again in 2012, scored 97 in written, had a mediocre GA and an excellent PI (ironical!) and here I am now, with a score of '86'. I have converted the call and will be joining the institute, come June.
So, the point I wish to get across is that please DO NOT LOSE HOPE. Speculating about the whole process is natural but futile. It won't lead you anywhere. Same with the discussions about the final scoring. What matters is that we pull ourselves together, and look towards the future. All the best puys. All my best wishes to all of you.


Percentile breakup(Written+GD+PI): 86.00

Whether joining or not OR Yet to decide: Hell Yes, I'm joining!
@4638 : Yup. although it's for N/H/D, as has been mentioned previously on the forum, people with 90+ in XAT still have a shot at Gzb.
@4638 : I have a XAT-based call and my interview is scheduled tomorrow.

I haven't yet received a call despite a XAT score of 92.6. Are calls being sent as I write this or should I contact the admissions office ?

To all the puys,
I requested the admissions department for a change in the Application Form and there reply regarding the same came within no time. You have to mail the support team for any such query as they are the ones responsible for editing of the form.
Thank you all the seniors for your quick response to our queries and kudos to the admissions department and the support team. Much appreciated.

@ashwinashu90 : 9 PM sounds reasonable. You could go ahead. The process will be over by 7 PM.
@rock_D_dhun : 7th feb here as well :)