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I guess you ll be able to figure that out during the first year which is common for i started with finance mentality and ended up taking marketing and now m pretty happy with it

senior Puys,

i just found this useful thread here, so i'm asking my query. I'm in IT (telecom domain) since past 3 years. This year i plan to do an MBA. Can you please throw some light on:
> which specialization will be better to support growth in IT (i'm not fed up with IT, mayb i'm fine wit it)
> after MBA if i feel i want to switch sector, like if i develop interest in any stream during MBA, how good is scene for a 3yr IT guy?

Anticipating response.


It would surely help you if you continued with your earlier domain itself, but if you want to change, it wont be a problem. Your previous experience will get weightage according to its relevance for the new profile u apply for

In these times of recession koi kya dega :nono:

Can we reignite the demand for ol'ies tee ...AIPGM se pehle kuch to dilwa do

infact i also want to know the same thing!!!
do we need to bring any original docs certificates etc.... at the time of registration!!!!

have they specified anything in their letter/email to u guys????
well hi to all
just got a virtual feel of SIIB as described by NEELABH....thanx for that
well hi misha how was ur exp at advice to us as juniors

everyone's exp will be i guess u shud go and discover...
anupam_khanna Says
that sounds intresting.. ... fir se coding ... .. btw did u have work ex before join siib?? workx
hii misha

a query came to my the students play a part in developing the website?

yups theres a students web team....infact the alumni portal of our site has been made by me...... socha thoda boasting he kar lung

finally our new website is up and running....lets celebrate :drinking: :drinking:

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Its still gonna be wrry on that count...join say July wen things hav settled down...send in the request...i will approve the same...ask Varun Goel wen u land on campus..he will guide u all on this...cheers!!

i guess u shud also get ur siib email ids in the college...then we wont have to disturb neelabh
anupam_khanna Says
i hope so ... i can't live without internet ... 2 saal s/w industry mein rah k adat pad gayi hai virtual world ki .. ...

well if u wnt internet sooo badly....why dont u get ur own gprs connections set up thru airtel or whatever operator.....??? wont cost u much i guess....and ur old habits wont go