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ANybody have an idea what time we must reach IES on 17th? Any seniors of the college could tell us please..

nything abt international placements @ IES?
i hv 169/240 univ rank 776.......

So you are joining IES PG? I got a prospectus when i asked while i went to fill the fees.. There were just 2 international placements

I'm Mumbai home univ type B candidate..
Total score 156/240
State General Merit No.2184 and University General Merit No.1652
What colleges can i expect???Also what is the difference between SGM and UGM? Any idea please let me know..

plzz tell me dat ppl who gt selected in the 1st merit list you all got a mail & sms on ur cell phone>? plzz do reply vry urgently
bcos i have nt checkd the 1st merit list :(

Yepp i got selected in first merit list and i got an email statting m selected but no sms

Hello All,

Looking at the PM's i have received i decided to distribute my material section wise. Please let me know if anyone interested in CAT RC & Verbal Ability?
I m from mumbai & would be convenient to provide my material in mumbai itself.
Also i could provide the material only after 17th june.
So please let me know. PM me

Any one wanting TIME CAT 2009 material. Includes all material right from hand outs to books to solving material to papers. Also includes CET material of TIME and papers of TIME and CL. Please PM me if interested. The material i would want to give out is Free!!!

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rakshaknaik Says
Hi, Can you let me know your profile? I have been selected, but a lil doubtful abt the college and placement stats.

Same here even m selected.. and did'nt get thru WE first list..
So gonna fill fees here..I know this much that the faculties are good but not sure about placements

Same here not select had a decent GD and a satisfactory PI.
Thot would be there atleast in the waiting list??

MaverickRohan Says
Welingkar Institute Of Management.

Dat site does not exist..
MaverickRohan Says
weschool result is out, 2nd list on 11

out?? where which website??