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Lol. Talk about being confused now. Thank you for your advices but can anyone tell me as to why Spanish, German or French is better over the other. Please!

sehej Says
I'd suggest going for Spanish. It's the second most spoken language in the USA. Also spoken heavily in South America and Mexico apart from Spain. French is spoken in Canada though so if you have any idea where you want to land up, make your choice accordingly.

Valid point. Honestly im more canada inclined but thats a long way from now. I wonder if any of these languages will help me intiallly in my future career in india.
shreyas033 Says
go for german

Out of curiousity, why german over spanish and french?

Hi, I got admission in IILM for PGDM-IB for the 2012-2014 batch. The course includes foreign language subjects like french, german and spanish. I wanted to know which language is best to learn which would aid in my future career?

How's MBA from Amity like?

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Hi, I hope I'm not breaking any rules over here by starting a whole new thread, well this is my first post on this website. I plan to sit for MAT exam in May 2012 and I have been hearing that the good and reputed b schools don't accept May MAT scores :banghead: , is this true? If there are any good colleges that do accept May MAT scores, could anyone name some of them if not all especially in the Delhi-NCR region? Please!!!

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