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V S @michu110

YES BANK ICICI GE PWC KPMG DELIOTTE FORTIS NAUKRI Godrej BOMBAY DYEING MAPRO UAE EXCHANGE EXPRESS MONEY WIPRO etc.... I dont c how the comparison is being made unless u r comparing to ABC.... with respect to new iims... it does look pretty good...

V S @michu110

i hope the people commenting here have noticed tht prominent recruiters feature is interactive and u need to click on streams to see the companies.

Senior please help, this is my first convert and i might convert others new IIMs too in second list. Last date for IIM U sending draft is 24th but for others 2nd list expected by 22nd. So can i send DD of 50,000 and can i later withdraw from IIM U?
Please help, m confused

Yes you can withdraw but there may be small fine...
DO the join the IIM Udaipur 2012-14 community to interact with fellow students as well get the inside scoop...


The second set of offers have been mailed...
ATB :clap:

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Hi All,

I have got an offer from IIM Udaipur. I am 3 years experienced. I have another offer from NUS, Singapore (National University of Singapore MBA). Now I am confused which one to join. I have to submit fees in NUS before 21st May. Can you through some light on the following queries:
1. How are the professors there?
2. How was the first summer placement batch?
3. What kind of profiles are being offered in consulting?

I would be really obliged if you could help in my decision.

IIM is IIM,.... there is nothing which can compare with it...
and in helping you decide... you could join the community and see for yourself what is in offer at IIM udaipur

Dear Aspirants

All of you who have final converts or who are on any of the Waitlists can join the IIM Udaipur Final Converts 2012-14 community by forwarding the email received from IIMU stating that you have been provisionally admitted to adcom.IIMU@groups.facebook.com . The Final Converts community will help better address the burning questions that you've had so far about IIM-U but didn't really know where to ask. Find out about whats interesting on campus, clubs & committees, 'nightlife', and maybe even academics from the people who've lived it all over the Institute's first year.

Everything is fair game, just remember no profanities though!

We welcome you to IIM-U...We welcome you to IIM-Unique!

Here's the community link:

vickyb4u Says
Seems to be very low activity in this thread. Can somebody reply to my query ???

Sorry for the late reply... we were all having our rural immersion..
And having work ex wil help you in the next round...
and everyone is equal once inside though people with work ex may b able to better relate to certain concepts.. :)
Ter are people here having experience from 0 -6 yrs
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Pls go throught previous posts before asking the same repetitive qs ...

And regarding placements...we would like to refrain from comparing ourselves with any other institution...
The IIMU placement report is available in the website...
Even though we started off late last year we were able to finish placements much earlier than others.. Pls make a well informed decision by doing the necessary ground work atb...

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Hi seniors,
I know that it is too early for me to ask this question - but since i've made up my mind to ask my boss to reduce the work burden on me, i will after taking suggestion from you guys. can you please let me know if we convert calls of IIMU will it be required for us to get recommendation letters from project managers/our bosses? :|

Recommendation letters are not required... but work exp certificate is required if you want to show the same...

Mails will be sent out soon. Pls be patient till next week.
We will check up on the same if if hasn't come by then..

Prepare wel for next rounds .. atb
Got a call from IIM Udaipur, would love to know if i'd fit in (If I get through i.e.)
10th: 81% CBSE
12th: 89.10 AP State Board
Graduation Marks: 68.5 (USCT, GGSIPU , Delhi)
Graduation Stream: Chem Engg
Work Ex Details: HPCL, Refinery Operations, 4 years
CAT Percentile(Overall with break-up scores): OA- 99.87, QA - 98.94, VA - 99.81

There are many 99 percentiler s in the current batch