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Just so that you guys don't go into this with flawed statistics, the 65% to 89% increase is the pass percentage increase and not the average percentage score.
if u look at the section headed 'Comparative Performance of Kendriya Vidyalayas in Class XII Examination Conducted by CBSE' in the middle of the page and then look at the figures provided, you will notice that KV 2010 is given as 91.13 which is the same as the figure quoted for the 2010 KV's performance under 'KVS Average(%) (Class XII)'

Some points that you might also want to consider:
It is not just the IIMs that take the CAT score. Have all the other places that take the CAt score specified the exact percentile needed to secure admission?
The CAT exam and IIM admission are different things and , I was debating this with my lawyer buddy who said...while it is absurd, what if the IIMs say and provide the data that not everyone who took CAT applied for every IIM... Then depending on the number of applications for a particular IIM, they had different criteria.
IIMs do have a criteria specified... It is a ridiculous one...I mean, something like..minimum of 50% or something like that...But, they do have a criteria. After that, it is a matter of competition.
About specifying the criteria and providing a reason for rejection : No other leading school in the world cares to give u an explanation. even ISB asks you to apply and if you are rejected, you are given zero reasoning.
We won't be able to convince them about who makes for a good manager and who doesn't... It is a matter of personal preference... So, saying that a person with >90% wouldn't necessarily make for a good manager is as crushable as an argument as saying that someone with > 90% would make a good manager. Also, IIMs don't claim to be churning out Managers...most of them produce Consultants nowadays.
If the Indian Cricket team wants to put text book technique ahead of street smart cricketers, oh well..they have an elected body that makes the decisions. They do use the Public's money but since they have been elected by the elected and thus they are considered wise enough to make the decisions.

See, I am not trying to put you guys down or to dampen your spirits. You guys need to have a clear thought process about:
what if the IIMs says...
We didn't ask you to apply. Please boycott the exams if you are against us.Not every successful business leader came out of a good B School, Good luck.
There are some schools in the US that have a clear cut image of the people that they want to enroll...SOme have this image: 4.0 GPA, probably going to invent something in future, we help the research, the patent comes out of our university. What if the IIMs say...
We have specific criteria based on the image that we want to project. We want to do justice to the person who got above 90% in his board exams and cleared the IIT exam rather than someone who did it 'Privately' and scored the required 70% and took the next yr off and cleared IIT exam later.

If i don't get stupid, empty threats and if you guys to believe that having a Devil's advocate can help you be prepared rather than look at him as a killjoy, do let me know and I'll try to bring forth some points that you might want to consider.

P.S. I do like the fact that you guys have been sincere with this and that it is gathering steam.

Well Done Dude....First time i am seeing some mature Arguments out here........At the end of the day IIM's are autonomous institutes and they can tweak their criteria at any moment they wish and no one can challenge them...I think We can put up a valid Case only If some1 is crossing the cutoff which they have made and still didnt get calls....
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MY other means is debate, protest march and Satyagrah ....:cheerio:
Where the heck I have indicated abuses, fights and violence... the sign is provided by pg and love to use it.... anything else .... other means does not mean I will put a bullet in his head!!And by stating this I am not being violent or uncivilized..just stating what actually I mean by the words in English I use

Enough of words like Hunger strike,satyagrah,protest march...
Act on Road NOT on PC....
I guess that would be far more beneficial for your cause..........
shashank3012 Says
Let the thread be for the purpose of which it was created. No personal attacks and being rude to others. If you support the cause, be nice and mature with your arguments. No heat-of-the-moment posts here. No expletives please. And if someone does it, please report the bad post. No replying to that person. If someone is found doing it, the user will be banned.

@Doc....I didn't mean....but the words used here weren't nice either.....The rule should be the same for every1 ..isnt it?
Neways Point taken.......
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Dude it's like that , just cos you have calls doesn't make the IIM Criteria fair.
I am not saying you got it by wrong means or anything, and I don;t have anything against people with good acads or ghissus. I just feel we should be compassionate towards everyone in life.
A person who never knew that these marks would count later on and vested his energies in something, which is proving futile right now does tend to feel frustrated.
So please don't take things personally, concentrate on converting your calls and let other people be too!!
Why YOU MOCKING THEM or their thought process???

Dude I am NOT Mocking them..For Your Information I myself GOT 99.3 last year and ended up getting no calls....I was also frustrated....But i never Got to the extent of calling names of the people who had got calls..Just look at the way he has Put up things..It looks absurd...........
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Friends I have the following concerns:

1)Normalization process:
I have a call from FMS... that means if the paper is easy I can score alot and if difficult I cant score as much....the point being I was caught in the difficult slot on the last day of the CAT and it screwed my CAT like anything... so what about the psychological difficulty that we have... can this not screw me in the exams, if I had the easy slot I would have scored like hell.. maybe 50/60 .... but now I am having only 75%tile in CAT... isnt this screwed up....

I was in the army school before I came to Delhi....there there is little to no emphasis on academics and even at 75% it is considered decent...more so I have great curricular activities,but cat screws me for this... I was chosen amongst the few to make it to the army school.
I came to Delhi, was preparing for IIT, I made it to IIT Delhi, but screwed my board exam to 76%, so me clearing the tough IITJEE has no weightage in the CAT....
Today I am an entrepreneur, running my own business and no, I dont belong to the business family....and I need the MBA for the education... and IIMs thinks I dont deserve to be there because I did not perform very well in the 10th and 12th ,and the normalization process screwed me,

now the mistakes did 9 to 7 years back, when i gve no weightage to shitty school curriculum and beat the 90% getters in getting into the IITs has no relevance today!!! what the **** do these CAT guys want....they want to copy the west and yet are not able to implement it properly.... why they did not take pearson vue as their testing partner while prometrc is limited to GRE which is increasingly being an obsolete exam as compared to the GMAT.....

the point being this ghissus who wud go there, they wud only end up in consultancies and investment banking, which though might sound great companies but in actually the job is farce and has not much scope for the they remain the third party industries...

While I agree the companies loook for ghissus as they make good employees, and are submissive and do their ork as they are told, but then if u want real innovators and leaders, they dont come with marks tag....

Thirdly, the IIMs have increased their fees, so they are afraid that if they dont take ghissus, then they wud not have job offers and continue to charge high fees... while I am not against high fees, but now I smell corruption amongst the IIM professors who wish to just save their salary by getting those guys in their college who would just get a job and pay back the loans and all....

Fourthly, I might have not scored great in thepast, but the improvements and strides I have made today has been completely been undermind my the IIMs community, technically speaking I can never make it to any of the IIMs except lucknow and calcutta in the future as their present cut off system makes me ineligible all together becoz I did not perform in my 10th and 12th...

Fifth, the complicated process put up by the IIMA and IIM K where it is using hypothesis testing to find eligible candidates is completely farce, a mathematical tool used for testing the viability of results is actually made to calculate the result.. and IIM A's procedure of that 36 points makes it seem that those who did not have the guts to face tough competitive exams yesterday are winners today, becoz they just sat there and got marks...

And lastly I must point out that the exam systems are getting easier year by year where the juniors are coming bag full of marks, as if scoring 90 and 95% in exams is just a child play and even in engineering u get to see that.....
more so the private colleges load their students with such high marks that the ppl from govt. colleges wont stand any the VTU, bangalore marks scam....

ppl something must be done, as it is the higher education is not liberalized in india where one would have more options to choose like in the USA, and these IIMS being govt. but autonomous intis still have to answer the people and they cant get away with such monkey tricks,,,,, I only revere IIM C for its worth while selection process where if they indeed have to make judge ments, they do so in the interview and not just screen ppl off before even letting them get to the interview....imagine if this happened at the CIVIL sevices, then what kind of leaders and bureaucrats are we looking at... I still remember a guy with 49% in eco honours made it to IIM cal coz the guy had substance,and IIM cal found him worth while for that....and he is doing very well post IIM cal PGDM\

Anyone planning a PIL or protest march or writing a letter to the HRD or anything... I am with u all.....;

Dude just because u didn't get calls and some others did doesn't mean that they are ghissus....Clearing IIT JEE is a great thing but that doesn't mean everything else is a farce in comparison to that.....Dont show negative energy for the people who have got calls........U have got FMS call..prepare well for that..... story.....And do u really think that IIM Profs are that insecure about their jobs that they will take so called Ghisus.....Its funny dude...U have not been to investment banks,consultancy..and u r commenting about them...As far as third party argument goes,By that Logic,IT sector,supply chain companies all service providers are full of crap...and only entrepreneurship is good....(Bhagwan bachaye aisi mentality se)
u want to attend classes of the same IIM Profs ...hahaha..Just because u r doing business doesnt mean that u r doing something diff.....There are lakhs of people who are doing their Own business in India....paan shop,kiraana store,bakery shop,small IT companies,Monday Market Shop Owners..They are all doing their business in their Own way....I am not saying that is something Bad..All i am saying is dats not something the end of the day u also want to be in the place of so called 'Ghisus' and u are not stop ridiculing them..It looks like sour grapes story..
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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Big brother AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has been given just eight days by b-schools to modify the notification it issued on December 28, 2010 (pushing for sweeping changes in business education) or

@mishL..Bang on....But one thing...As far as one exam Like GMAT goes,In a country like India its always beneficial to have multiple exams or else u never know when u will be normalized...

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Big brother AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has been given just eight days by b-schools to modify the notification it issued on December 28, 2010 (pushing for sweeping changes in business education) or

hahaha...."this years XAT exam is not valid and the ongoing GDPIs of various other AICTE-affliliated schools stand null and void."..sound's funny...

Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012
What is common between the following people and their Xavier's Admission Test (XAT) 2011 scores? (Their XAT 2011 IDs are given inside the brackets.) *CR Mahesh (XAT441916)* VA - 99.07 QA - 99.97 RA

@ Apurv....Good One....I think this is precisely the reason why no PIL can be succeessful in putting a stay Order on results because no one (atleast in india) can prove in court that Normalisation is wrong....We all know there is something fishy about it but what is that thing...No one knows(atleast i have not seen)...and on the basis of mere stay order can be passed..So unless until we know the exact flaw in the process..all the hue and cry about it is futile....

Few lines direction for u -
PG doesn't allow any comparison between B-schools, so let's maintain the decorum and rules given to us on this platform...

There are various other sources through which u can compare the quality of alumni network, batch, packages, etc and make ur own decision to choose between IIMs and XL...neither of these institutes are forcing you to join them :)


Thanks for your gr8 help......I just wanted to know out of curiosity....Dil pe nahi lena tha yaar.....neways chuck it...

CAT 09:99.3...No calls :lookround:
XAT 10:Call:BM Didn't fill HR
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First of all many congratulations on the calls for respective courses...u will be getting the dates and venue details of further process within one or two weeks...last year the process had started smwhr around mid feb and went till mid march in different cities of India...
Till last year, the final selection had following weightage -
50% - XAT score and 50% - GD + PI + Profile
But this was only applicable to those who get at least 2 thumbs up out of 3 interviewers in the process...
This year we are not sure if the same weightage will be followed coz of increased number of calls...but rest assured that a good GD and a very good PI does make a lot of prepare well...make urself aware of as much things as u can at least related to ur own field and current affairs...
All the best!!


Hi seniors

I have always wondered that XL inspite of having the toughest exam ,inspite of being the oldest MBA institute in the country(started even before A/B/C) have somehow never toppled them ...I never heard of them getting highest pay packages(pardon me if i am ignorant) or even beating their averages..inspite of it having the smallest batches among major institutes....I have even heard people leaving XL for IIM L/I/K/FMS...In some cases it is the other way round too..still...I have never heard anyone leaving A/B/C For XL...

Please don't take me in a wrong way....I don't want to start IIM vs XL debate again....I have immense respect for XAT.....CAT looks like a child's play in front of them....They ask the toughest questions..But don't give the Best packages/Profiles in town....Every year when we hear about astronomical pay packages given to students(i know that those datas are fuzzed..but still),XL just doesn't figure in that list.....

Is there something wrong with the alumni network or is it because of Location??

P.S: I Love XAT coz of its toughness...

P.P.S:I Love CAT coz its "Indian Institute Of Management"
CAT 09:99.3 No calls.. :drinking:
XAT 10:Call:BM :thumbsup: Didn't fill HR
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