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Hello Puys!!!

Hope all of you are doing great...:)

I have problem and would need your valuable help to solve that.

Basically I am a BE grad working in a software firm in Bangalore from pat 2 years on SAP platform, SAP XI\PI to be specific, which is technical. I was involved in some marketing work for one of the events that we held in our company to showcase what are the offerings of SAP to our customers.And this went on pretty well, looking at which SAP team in our company thought of showcasing it to the other prospects in US, Europe and other major regions.

I was involved in designing all the collaterals, brochures and theme here (which I really liked working on). The presales team here was impressed with my work and offered me to get into presales!

Now, my question is if I opt for marketing in MBA, what will be the job profile? Will it be same as what I would be doing in presales? (It would be great if somebody lets me know what exactly is done in presales, in brief,,..)

I am plannning to do my MBA after a year or two. Will working on presales now, be a value add for me when I go out AFTER my MBA?

But if at all (hope doesn't happen though), by any reason, if I cannot pursue my MBA later, how would presales in SAP be as my long term career?

I am looking forward to your valuable responses very eagerly!

Well, am not sure if this is the right forum to discuss this. Do let me know the right forum if this one is wrong, as this is my first post! :)

Thanks in advance,

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This is Deepak, currently working in a software firm in Bangalore. I shall be giving CAT this year for the FIRST time!!!!!!

Need to wait n watch...........

Hope everybody here shall help me.. ;)