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btw.. guys.. since we hv just abt 15 days to pay up the 1st installment.. how r u guys going abt with the loan thingie?

kavyaspark Says
Hey Megha is this the final merit ist?.. n I think u r in industry sponsored.. rite?

yeah I am industry sponsored.. yaar final hee hogi list.. kyon dara rahe ho?!

Me too.. me too..... me too... me too....
I am THROUGH!!!!
Yippeee yaayii yo !!! :crazyeye::-P:biggrin:

Hogwash or not , i remember one of the seniors mentioning the third interview is only fr the lucky ones. :argue:.
Now im not sure whether he was tryin to be sarcastic or he actually meant it!
Whatever it is, 3rd interview or not, lets just all of us chill and wait fr the ominous!

oh yeah ronnie?? lolzz.. atb dude

Guys anyone whos got his/her gd pi on 6th or 7th interested in shifting it to 8th???

Hi guys,
Ive shortlisted for the MBA (adv) course. I thought that would kinda be a reason for some mild celebration. but well the fact is that now all we have is a 13% ( approx :robot:) chance of gettin in. Apart from that these assignments are all heavy duty causing high levels of amnesia. anyway, im not cribbing tho, this field requires u to be proactive like this forever n so thats wat itll get. :cool2:
All adv callgetters in delhi may hit me back asap. working together will be a great idea.
And abt the lodging, most prolly i will be puttin up in an army guest house in pashan or whatever that area is known as. 1 person is welcome to stay wit me for the 2 day trip.
the following is the link fr my facebook profile : Ronny SR - India | Facebook

n how do u plan to commute from pashan ? coz the auto wallahs there also dont know the way to SIMC !!!

Puys.. I am in serious mess... I have no idea where to put up in Lavale!! As it is, its hardly a habitat so forget abt accomodation there... As for Pashan and Banger (areas closest to Lavale) there we myt get accomodation but thr is no transport facilities from thr to lavale... R we expected to walk 10-15 kns to reach the coll? Wat do they expect? The SIMC ppl not even putting up a list on their site regardin commutation and accomodation (as they did last yr)..
So wats up with u ppl? Where r u guys gonna stay? May be we could share our hotel rooms or wateva n devise some ways of reachin the coll... Plz put in info regarding yr stay plans n all that..
It will help us all

im an applicant for av and my name is on the list that came up on the website, but i haven really recieved a call or a letter or anything of that sort. im from bangalore and i really need to book tickets soon so are any of you guys sure that the AV dates are 1st,2nd and 3rd? i cant even get thru to the help desk and im really confused. planning to start assigns soon after i finish figuring out the dates! please let me no!..

Dude u will NOT get any letter/call/personal intimation watsoever. Please book yr tickets asap else u'l not be able to reach... N as for the assignments.... START THEM RYT AWAY!!!! they are gigantic.. herculean.. all that n MORE!!!!!
Hi Malvika,

Whom did you speak to? I have sent an email but haven't got any reply

i called them up today and they were really amused at everyone having exams on that particular day allotted to them.. from delhi to hyd to kol.. lolzz n we were both actually laughing over the phone.. hehe :D
the prospectuses hv been dispatched today n as 4 the date change.. we'l only get to know after 27th whether they r considering it or not... No replies till then.Period.
arvusau Says you know the Email id where the request for change of date needs to be sent.?

Hie... Even i want a date change. As far as I remember the address is but it'l be better if u cud confirm it again with the office.I have been allotted 8th Feb !!! I want 6th or 7th !!!
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